The night before last I was sitting at my computer, kind of in between doing things online, and in between watching tv with James.  My camera was sitting by my side, and I thought Id take a few pics of things around me just as they were.  Kind of a little 'from where I'm sitting' view.  I think I should do this more often, to capture the very little random things.  Like Bella taking a bath on my desk.  (This space is technically my 'office').

I have spent the majority of the day so far in bed.  My first 'moon day' usually keeps me there.  I decided to pick myself up to blog and then work on some new jewelry.  Maybe I wont resort to eating dinner in bed too, since Ive already had my breakfast and lunch there.  Well see... 

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  1. Everyone needs a day in bed with the tv every once in a while ;)

    xo Jennifer


  2. the first days are always the worst, hot chocolate and a little blanket helps more than anything :)

  3. I love seeing peices of your beautiful home :) I especially Love your mug and the couch photos! I ended up getting a super retro flower power vintage couch today and thrifting the most amazing crochet blanket, I'm over the moon with joy :)

    Bella is so cute, I can totally relate now that we have a kitten, he takes baths everywhere and you can't try to pet him or he will get cranky lol. Love your socks. I'm totally a person who wears colored socks everyday with patterns and what not, I don't think I own but a few pairs of white socks haha

  4. I love this. And I adore those socks. Keep the "from where I sit" coming! :)

  5. This a great Idea. I think i'll do some posts like this, too. I love all the details.

    Amanda Rose

  6. Just found your blog, just wanted to say that I absolutely love your style :)


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