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This morning as I was drinking my coffee and checking in on a few daily reads, I spotted Kinsey's beautiful locks in a messy braid on A Beautiful Mess. I instantly felt myself wanting to get ready for the day, it was so beautiful. I didnt think my hair was long enough to pull it off, after the teasing, but it was!  Pretty much my new favorite hair-do, so thank you girls!  It made feel a little girly, so I picked out an easy flowing sweet outfit to accessorize my hair.  Yes, today, my clothes accessorized my hair, b/c that is where it all began.  You might remember this shirt I made when I wore it here.  And the skirt is really a long maxi skirt that I pulled up like a tube dress under the shirt.  I think it was the perfect length to show off some cute wedges from Blowfish
*after I took the pics, I called my boy out to take some... yep, he's a cutie*

<<< outfit details >>>
top // handmade
skirt // forever 21
wedges // blowfish
necklace + bracelet // nanoutriko
clutch // bird trouble

Tonite I am doing a 30 before 31 list.  Ive never done one of these before, so this should be interesting!  I hope it keeps me inspired throughout this next year to stay creative in personal ways.  Im also going to create my own 30 day challenges for each month of my 30th year.  Ill pick a different something I want to try and do it for the entire month it is chosen for!  So far I have 8 out of 12 things on my list.  Knowing me, it will be quite a challenge, so Im a bit nervous, but excited!



  1. I really love your top! The perfect summer color with the right amount of casualness. Very cute. I've never made one of those lists either... but I've thought about doing one on my next birthday. We'll see.


  2. you look so beautiful! love the off the shoulder dress. XOXO

  3. EEP! so pretty. i love this.
    xo Moorea

  4. I love this post! You look super cute and I love the graphics! And James kissing your cheek too. :)

  5. I have those same shoes, and I love them!!
    xo, Tori

  6. I love that last picture. so sweet! *melting*

  7. i recognized your handmade shirt immediately, so yes i remembered. i like how we can see your pretty tattoo in these photos too. what a sweet photo of you with your husband! :)

  8. You look gorgeous! As a somewhat recent follower, I've never seen your tattoos before. They look really pretty. I love your necklace!


  9. So pretty!! I love this braid, I'm totally rockin' it tomorrow! :)

  10. Totally in love with your outfit, from head to toe. You look stunning!


  11. Laura! I am finally caught up with my blog-reading (I saved yours for last ; ] ) and I'm glad I did! I always love looking at your blog pictures and reading what you write, so reading/looking at like 10 posts was like an overload of magnificence! Of course you've kept up your beautiful outfits and picture-taking. Loved everything! Especially the one picture of your desk upon which you were writing letters at night. Something about that picture grabbed me. It would be wonderful to have a desk looking outside, not just for the light, but for the view. But nighttime too? I am a big night watcher. I don't necessarily like to be out and about at night, but looking over a city or a neighborhood or anything at night kind of stops me in my tracks. And your set up there? So wonderful. For a second I could picture something like that for myself in the future--just gazing into the black and seeing little windows of light on houses all over. *sigh* Something to aspire to!

    And yes, once again I left an essay for a comment. Sorry : / But thanks so much for keeping your blog beautiful! : ]

  12. Such a pretty outfit - I really like the blouse, I wish i could sew good))
    Your tatoos are beautiful! <3


  13. you look great as always. you have the cutest clothes. and that bag! i love that bag!!

  14. you are beautiful! love the braid...your hair works perfectly!

    i can't wait to see your lists! i love lists. when is your birthday?

  15. Lovely outfit, and your hair looks great! Good luck with your list :)

  16. Laura, you are so incredibly beautiful! I just adore your outfit. Very ladylike and pretty!

  17. I love the braid and the shirt. You are just too cute. :)

  18. Moons and Junes are ferris wheels. The dizzy dancing way you feel, when every fairy tale comes real...

    Joni Mitchel was the sound track to my summers in highschool :) Such a pretty shirt idea.

  19. always so inspirational! you look great, of course. but seriously. i love your rings with the clutch. i should try that braid... anything that will keep me from washing my hair (haha!), I am a fan of.

  20. I love the last photo! Is so sweet.

  21. I love your gorgeous braid-inspire style. :D
    Catherine Denton

  22. hiiii. you're super cute. i dig your style.

  23. Loving your style ;)

    xo Jennifer



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