30 Is Already So Sweet >>>

Today is my birthday!  I have just stepped over the threshold into my 30's.  A good solid number in my eyes.  I feel like its a time in my life where I can still enjoy the youth of my body and mind, but in a more rooted and grounded way, not so carefree and wild, but still free spirited.  Im at a point in my life where I know who my friends are and what they mean to me.  Where my home is, and what it means to me.  Although I will forever be on my own personal spiritual journey of growth and exploration, I feel I have a good sense my human-ness that co-exist with amazing cosmic abundance and support.  I know who I am as an artist, even though that is ever growing as well, I feel like I have finally found my home in my creative life.  Although I miss my parents terribly everyday, Im learning more and more how to allow myself to still be supported by their love that still floats around me in every bird, leaf and speck of dirt I walk on.  

What I hope for my 30's is to become less afraid of doing some of things Ive always dreamt about doing.  The biggest one is becoming a mother myself.  Among many other little things like singing, hooping, writing, dancing, health... all things that I already currently do, but would love to have a bit more wild abandon when I do them, and not isolate myself with them any longer.  I would love to find more peace and healing with the loss of my dad.  Its almost been a year since he killed himself, and of course the emotions have been a rollercoaster.  Id love to one day get to a point where I can daydream about my daddy again in a more beautiful light.  Right now, there are days I can barely stand to think about him because it just hurts too bad... And I hate that, I want to think about him and remember all of his silly quirky things.  I will get there, these things take time and a course of their own, I know.  I also wish to form deeper relationships with some of the beautiful people I have met online in the past few years.  I have truly met some special people through my blog and my shop, and Id love for some of them to really become life long friendships.  

Yesterday was such a good birthday party.  I had myself so excited about the day that by the time 5 o'clock rolled around I had a migraine, and it only got worse throughout the whole night.  But I had such good friends around me that I just didnt let it ruin it.  We went and sat in the river for a while, which felt sooooo good.  The water was just right, not too cold, the sun was also perfect, as it went down... just a warm glow feeling on my cheeks and shoulders.  Truly like being kissed by the sun.  Then we came back to the house, ate some yummy food, chilled in the back yard.  Everyone seemed to love everyone which makes me so happy.  We got to see an old friend we haven't seen since high school... which was *cough* 12 years ago now!  It was so nice.  As the sun went down, they made a campfire, and by the end of the night I just drug the loungechair by the fire with a blanket and pillow and just laid there while they played guitar and sang and talked.  So very perfect.  Both our kitty and pup hung out with us the whole night too, just chillin wherever we were.  I didnt get any pictures worth anything, but thats okay, I have good memories.  I seriously feel so blessed with the friendships I have.  They are few... but true, deep good ones.  People Im completely honored to call a friend.  There were moments last night that almost brought me to tears b/c of their pure love and generosity.  Im kind of IN LOVE with my friends.  For sure.  

Today, after I get a little bit of work done (yes, Im going to work a bit on my birthday, b/c Im crazy like that)... we are going to go see Moonrise Kingdom!  Im sooooo excited to see anything by Wes Anderson.  The trailer looks so cute.  
Oh, and those beautiful flowers above were one of my sweet birthday gifts.  They are just the prettiest things ever... What a sweet gift. I got so many amazing thoughtful gifts last night, I wont go into them just yet.  But oh my god, lets just say I was surprised!!!

In honor of my birthday, Im having a HUGE giveaway on Sincerely Kinsey today!  AND, if you go enter the giveaway and read the post, you just might find a one day coupon code to use in the shop today only!!! 



  1. Happy birthday to YOU! My 30's are just a short 1.5 years away and I'm hoping they're just as good as my 20's. Have a wonderful birthday! Off to checkout Kinsey's blog. :)

  2. Happy birthday my wonderful friend! I am so glad I met you through this ridiculous internet blog world thing. You are truly a kindred spirit and I connect with you on so many levels, from the creative to the spiritual. I hope we get to meet one day!
    I so look forward to seeing the new adventures you enter into in your 30s. I have a feeling that you will be a momma sooner rather than later and that you will invest in and love that baby even a million times more than the art you create. Your kiddo or kids will be your greatest creative accomplishments and will fill your heart and home with joy and love. I know that your momma and dad will visit you through your future children. I know you will feel their love and their presence as you watch your children grow and see how they naturally have pieces of their grandparents in their looks, in their minds, in their hearts and in their actions. And I pray with all my heart that through the new lives you bring into the world that you would also feel continual healing from the passings of your mom and dad. Life is cyclical, and I truly believe that when you lose someone, it gives you a deeper understanding of what it means to cherish and love others. I know you are going to be a wonderful loving and nurturing, inspiring and empowering, strong and vulnerable mother and your momma and dad's presences will live on through your kids. You will see the joy of your parents in the lives that you bring into the world. And it will be so beautiful :)
    Lots of love to you Laura and you embark on this new year. I hope it is filled with happiness and peace, success and accomplishment, growth and fulfillment.
    xo Moorea

  3. happy 30th birthday darling laura! :) i foresee your dreams & wishes coming true,. your party sounds effervescent.

  4. First things first: HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I caught you over at SK already today before you came up on my bloglovin and happily entered in the giveaway.

  5. Happy Birthday dear Laura! I wish you health, love, happiness, sunshine, colors, music, loving summers, sweet winters, success, strength, passion and anything you ever wanted!

    ...I really cannot know what you went and are still going through with facing the loss of your parents, but I can only assure you that you are and going to grow stronger day by day :)

    Thank you for sharing with us your life, photography and creations. Thank you for inspiring me everyday more and more! Have a great day!

  6. Happy birthday Laura! You make 30 sound like something worth looking forward to (two years and a month for me). Have a fantastic day. Love and peace. x

  7. Happy Birthday sweet lady! You are so fortunate for the great peace and accomplishment you're finding with turning 30. I hope to be in the same position when it rolls around for me. You are so inspiring and the beauty of your spirit shines through this blog. I'm so glad to have ever stumbled across it, and excited to follow along all of the adventures and happiness of your thirties here. :)

  8. Happy Birthday Laura!! :) You are such an inspiring person! I hope you have the best day ever!

  9. Happy birthday lovely! I'm happy to hear you had a great party. Being surrounded by friends is always wonderful.

  10. Happy Birthday gorgeous girl!!

    I hope you know you are a total role model for me. :D You are so spiritual and in touch with the earth and it's really inspiring to see. You send SO much love out to the world, thanks for sharing with everyone. You make this world even more amazing than it already is! <3

    Elise [from Blowfish]

    June babies unite!!

  11. Happy birthday you lovely bohemian spirit! may your day be full of happy times. i loved moonrise kingdom, its a perfect film for visual treats and inspiration on a special day!

  12. Happy Birthday!! You definitely deserve to have a most excellent one, and it seems you're already there :) (and on the subject of being in love with your friends? i'm a firm believer in soulmates, but not just "one perfect person for everyone". i absolutely believe that there are many people that are put into our lives for a reason, and friends like that, well, they're some of your soulmates too.)

  13. HAPPY BIRTHDAY LAURA! I am so incredibly blessed to have you as a friend, and I welcome you to the magical decade with open arms. :) I can't way to see what the 30s bring for you. May this day (and year) be as beautiful and amazing as you are.


  14. I hope the rest of your birthday is just as beautiful! :)

  15. Happy Birthday, Laura! I hope your day continues to be amazing full of good music, laughter and tender moments.

  16. happy birthday to one of my favorite people EVER. not only do I just love you to pieces, I admire you so very much for your strength, compassion, and artistic vision. everything you do comes from the depths of your heart and soul, and whenever i interact with you, I feel so held and like I've truly found a kindred friend who understands my spirit.

    you've gone through so much and I'm so in awe of how you handle yourself and how you walk through life with grace. witnessing that has, in turn, helped me so much over this last year. and working with you on The Bohemian Collective renewed my love and my passion for what I do - seeing your heart and your dreams was so inspiring and being part of that with you was beyond rewarding.

    you deserve all the joy in the world on your birthday, and I hope you feel totally and completely celebrated. you are such a gift and I cannot even WAIT to hang out with you in person one day!! love you dearly, my fellow moonchild. xoxoxoxo.

    p.s. when I was a dancer, we did this huge show about nature, the earth, and the universe... I was cast as the lead --- the moon, who watches over everyone. :) my dance coach said she couldn't really explain it, she just felt in her heart that I would be the perfect "moon mama" and that she couldn't choose anyone else to do it. now, it all makes sense. ;)

  17. That was beautiful! Happy happy birthday, and I hope the day just keeps bringing you more and more peace, love and joy. You're an inspiration and deserve all the best.

    Also, a little fyi - I was so stoked when I opened birthday present (mine was yesterday) from my boyfriend that came from your shop! It's in my most recent post, and is one of my absolute favorites :)

  18. Happy birthday, Laura! :D I trust Your 30's will be just that much times more productive and fruitful than Your previous numbers hehe! Anyone who's followed You long enough would know how much of a warrior You are :D! I love that in You cause that's what I see in Me, too!
    So, have a great year! And be great, like You always are :D!
    Lots of love!
    And a huge virtual hug! ^_^

  19. Well Laura, I read through all these wonderful comments above mine and they said it all. There's not much left to say except, Happy Birthday. I hope you have/are having/had a great one : ]

  20. Happy birthday beautiful Laura! I know that we don't know each other at all, but through your honest voice and the beautiful ways you express yourself through your art, jewelry, and photography I have come to adore you! You are a kind and vibrant soul and I hope today, this week, this month and this year will be everything you've dreamed it to be!

  21. Happy Birthday Mama! You have really inspired me with this post...and your beautiful blog.I too, am approaching my 30's (this October)and can relate...Thank you for sharing...
    <3 Ruth <3

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  23. Happy Birthday!! I hope you have had a lovely day! And I'm truly sorry about what happened, Jesus is there for you and loves you more than you can imagine.

  24. Happy Birthday!! I've been reading your blog for awhile now and just thought I would say hello. Maybe one reason why I am so attracted to your blog is b/c our birthdays are so close together. Mine is Wednesday and I'm almost at 30. 1 year away!!

  25. Happy Birthday, sweet friend! I hope every minute of today is truly wonderful. xoxo

  26. some of these comments made me cry!

    happy birthday to you, darlin. you are one i'm so honored to know and can't wait to meet you skin-to-skin one day. i'm excited for this transition into your 30s! there's something about this decade that really is grounding. i've found it to be about waking up and turning dreams into reality. you continue to inspire me with your endless creativity, courage, and tenderness. sending big squishy girl hugs to you, love. i hope your day was fabulous with many happy memories and filled with radiant love. here's to healing and abundant joy. xo.

  27. Happy birthday! Wow, you look like you're in your early 20's. :)

  28. happy birthday! you are a wise and inspiring woman and thanks for such a beautiful blog :)


  29. Happy Belated Birthday, Laura! I hope you had a simply lovely day. Can't wait to see what happens in your life throughout the next year. lots of love. xo.


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