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 outfit details:  crochet top/ the art and found - tank top/ forever 21 - jeans/ target - bracelets/ flourish leather + moorea seal + spiral drift (and necklace) - earring/ roots and feathers - sandals/ american eagle

Just a quick little outfit post.  This is what I wore today for our outing to the store, and to grab some lunch and coffee in Ingram.  I may or may not be a little MIA for a few days... Tomorrow Ill be going to my favorite 3 year olds birthday party, then having some friends over to hang and cook and bake my cake for my birthday party.  Then the next day is muh partay!  Then monday is my actual birthday, and Im going to the movies to see the new Wes Anderson movie!  Getting pretty excited over here.  I might just need to take tuesday off just to recoop!  But, I most likely wont be able to since Ill have lots of catch up to do by that point. 


  1. Love your outfit! I'm so loving brown right now. Those sandals are gorgeous and your bracelets.

  2. So fun and summery! The tank, paired with the crochet top is lovely. And I love all the jewelry accents you chose, especially your wrists full of leather and that necklace is beautiful!

    I hope you have fun over the weekend happy early birthday!

  3. happy birthday week! hope you have lots of fun. :)

  4. I wish I could come to your party. ;) If only I could teleport!

  5. Cute, as always!

    xo Jennifer


  6. Wonderful outfit Laura! I've loved getting caught up on your blog (2 weeks absent! Eeks.) It's like a Violet Bella/Roots&Feathers overload. But in a a really good way : ]

    And Laura. I, too, will turn 30 on a Monday. Seems depressing, but I think the 30s will be even better than the 20s if we let them : ] Have a fantastic weekend and an even more fantabulous birthday!

  7. Laura,
    your style is awesome! i've been following your blog for a while and honestly it has really inspired me to create :)
    i fully intend on buying some of your items with my next paycheck.
    lots of love from the desert!
    ps. my best friend in the entire world is also named Laura. coincidence? i think not <3

  8. Cool! Love the outfit, it seems confy for this season... :) Seems you fell in love with shooting next to flowers and trees since the last outfit post, ha!


  9. i just discovered your blog. you've created a very beautiful space here. it's so inviting and the first photo under the bougainvillea is very pretty.


  10. Hello! Okai, start off, cute outfit! Too* cute! I love Your style, always have :D!
    Now, regarding the always have, I've been a silent loyal reader for like *mental count* well ever since 09... :$ I'm just a bit of a shy gal. Always figure I'd get no response, so just read on regardless! :D
    But I dunno, Your blog was My first find that dragged Me into the blogging world, at a time where I sincerely needed a friend, and weird enough I kinda found one here! Ha ha, silly I know!
    Anywho, :D I finally did it!
    Hi, I'm SJay (Short for Saria)!
    Nice meeting You (hah!) would love to hear from You, or actually correspond for reals!
    Bubye! *hugs*

  11. You are so beautiful, inside and out. I love all the little details of this outfit.

  12. New Follower of your blog! Love your Etsy pieces so pretty! xoxo A-

  13. Just learned about your lovely blog from Sincerely,Kinsey! I'm your new follower, and happy birthday to you!
    Good luck!


  14. I love the neutral colors with a hint of color with the turquoise nails.



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