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*adorable shoes are from blowfish*

Im back from spending some really nice time with my Nanna.  It always makes my heart so happy to be with her.  She gets me, and is one of the wisest women I know.  We talked alot, played with plants, played skip-bo, and just enjoyed each other.  My brother and his son came over for dinner too, so I played with Aiden until I was just about worn out.  I love that little boy.  Ill share photos soon.  I snapped a million pics of him on my phone.  

Today is catch up day.  Lots of orders to work on.  And... I really need to start planning my birthday since its in 5 days!  And my little get together will be the day before...  Yikes!  Only a few days left of my twenties... 

The pics above are just a few randoms on instagram from recently.  Ive been listening to Julia Stone's new album on repeat.  Literally.  I cant get enough.  I hope I dont burn it out for myself.... I need to slow it down.  But goodness its good.  A few of the songs its like she took the words right out of my mouth.  Love.



  1. Ooo, cute moccasins!
    Jillian @ Epic Thread

  2. Those blowfish shoes, how do they fit? i've been looking at them and want some! i find blowfish usually runs small though, what do you think?
    xo dana

  3. dana, i normally wear a size 6 to 6 1/2, and i always order a 6, and they are always perfect! love love love all my blowfish shoes!!!

  4. awesome pictures, i love te coloring!! and those moccasins are awesome!! :)


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