Pieces of Home >>>

 I have been enjoying so much my Pieces of Home series lately.  I cant stop taking little random photos each day.  These are all little bits around the home front of my life.  Things that bring me smiles.

1.  butterflies im collecting.  a friend just gave me lots more too. 
2.  wandering jew
3.  a note from my mama when she gave me her sewing basket.
4.  zinnias
5.  my bird trouble fringe purse.  in love.
6.  a drawing of my name from my mom on my fridge.
7.  a beautiful succulent.  do you know the name?
8.  pieces of my garland in the window
9.  my new snake plant.  so crazy cool.
10.  my fringe scarf hanging in the window and my awesome lampshade from atmosphere lampshades.

Today should be full of adventure.  James said he wants to take me to garage sales this morning.  Then we have a bbq with his brother this afternoon, and hopefully enough time to go out for date night with my bestie.  I think Im in need of some good socialization.  These blues have gotten the best of me the past few days.  Yesterday I literally spent the whole day in a hazy funk, and all I wanted to do was just lay down.  Its like sometimes I think when I dont allow myself to just sit and cry, my body will force it upon me, and there is nothing I can do about it.  I know we are in the month of gemini right now, so I think its only natural for my mama to be so heavily in my heart during this time since she was a gemini. 



  1. lovely photos, the picture of that feather is just stunning!
    happy weekend

  2. What a lovely note from your mom!

  3. Lovely photos, but the note from your Mama... breathtakingly beautiful.x

  4. lovely post laura. we understand why your heart feels heavy.

  5. Absolutely lovely photos!

  6. I just saw this post... The images are so beautiful and that note from your mom - ahhh. How special. It gave me the chills in an awesome way. xoxo

  7. I've also been enjoying your Pieces of Home series! This one is wonderful, and that note from your mother made me cry. How special that she was able to share her feelings and you get to feel that every time you read it.

  8. This is such a beautiful note! I love how supportive your mom is...

    And she deserves you, I only know you from your blog, but I came to see what a wonderful person she raised you to be! :)



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