Shout Out to some of my FAVORITE artists

My newest piece in my Poor Pitiful Pearl collection. Short sleeve flannel oxy shirt. Im in love. The colors are amazing, it fits perfect, Im just simply in love.

James and I had a picnic today and I got him to snap some pics of me in it, and I decided to dress them up a bit.

If you dont already have an oxy shirt from PPP, you must go get one!

My newest necklace from Pennythreads. This is her 'Flight of Fancy' necklace thats in her shop, but in different colors. Ive featured his necklace before, but it takes on its own look with each different outfit.

And Im so excited to finally get some pics of my pants from Eviegreenpixie. Kate, the girl behind it all is so sweet and fun to work with. She made these ones just for me, and they are perfect.

And if you want to know how big of a dork I really am... I am wearing them backwards in these photos and I didnt even know it, ha ha. I sent the pics on Kate's facebook and she messaged me to let me know, and I laughed so hard! So what you see in the front, is really the back, and vice versa... but after all of that, I realized they look cute both ways, so its all cool!

I just had to give major props to my oh so talented friends and fellow etsians. These girls are amazing, not only talented, but each in their own way is beautiful, loving and inspiring.

Worth checking out all of their shops!



  1. You all are so talented. :) Love all these photos and "Hi James" in the reflection of the close up of you wearing the flight of fancy necklace. haha

  2. That oxy looks amazing on you! And Renea's necklace is just lovely. Congrats to you on your giveaway win! Those pants are adorable!

  3. ha ha, too cute katelyn, i didnt even notice. i took a photo today of my reflection in his glasses, i should put them side by side!

    betsy, i love these pants so much. i got them before the giveaway, so i think im going to get another pair but not patchwork, just something cozy for fall!

  4. These teepeee pics are out of this world... is that your teepee? me jealous! ok.. i love all your outfits... yummy stuff.... and yes that oxy was made for you. so glad you got it... Xo.

  5. I just love your pants! They are super adorable, the remind me of a quilt :)

  6. those trousers are AMAZING! and the oxy top is so cute and autumnal :) xo

  7. shauna, thanks! the teepee is my friends... the lady i pet sit and house sit for. i was her herbal apprentice for a long time, she is awesome.

  8. LOVE the patchwork pants, they look so comfy. Your pictures are so pretty, and I love the tee pee! How fun!


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