PPP Baseball Oxy & Pizza BBQ

The reason for being MIA the past few days: the common cold.

put me out of work for a few, brought me down and got me emotional, filled my face with snot, and I am ready to say goodbye and farewell.

So finally last night, I put real clothes on, went outside, and enjoyed good company and food. I made home made pizzes and we grilled them on the bbq.

...and the wonderful trade of bartering has welcomed a new adorable addition to my Poor Pitiful Pearl collection. And orange and white baseball oxy. It says 28 on it, and Im 28 years old! I love it. And I broke out my skinny jeans I havent worn in over a year. They dont quite fit so I had to rig them up with a stretchy belt... but you wouldnt have known that if I didnt tell you so :)

A piece of my yard in the fall.
Sometimes the only time I can get James smiling in a photo is if I tell him to stand there and smile. But its so worth it b/c he is adorable when he smiles.
Our good friend Christie came home this weekend for our 10 year high school reunion. James and I did not attend. But it was cool hearing her talk about everyone and seeing the pics!
Adorable miss Jen Jen came to our little pizza bbq. I insisted she gave me one smile for the camera (she is camera shy) b/c she looked so adorable last night with her dreads in pony tails and her little beret. Loved it! But then, she always looks adorable.
And Jonny :) Im so glad they have come into our lives. James and I both truly enjoy them.
James picked around on the guitar for a bit. And so did Jonny.
The moon was out for us.

Feels good to be on the other side of this cold. I have spent all morning catching up on orders and packaging. Now for some custom orders that need attending to.



  1. That shirt is adorable on you. I am so glad you got it! I wish I could've been at your gathering. I am still working on beating my cold. It goes in waves of how I feel. I could sleep it away….if Leena would oblige. ;)

  2. you and your friends are beautiful.

  3. those pictures have such a cool light to them :) xo

  4. CUTE SHIRT!! you and your friends seem so much fun! I love your blog! ;-)

  5. oh I'm sorry about the cold, nasty things! and wonderfu photos! i love your chucks! I've always been a big fan of them :>

  6. thank you everyone, my friends are awesome! love them to death!

  7. I like your shirt and the skinny jeans look awesome on you, you would never never know it! My jeans need a belt to keep them up and it's not because they are too big for me. But i love them. all i wear now are dresses over jeans to prevent the muffin top :)


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