2011 Mini Calendar

The 2011 mini calendar is released! For those of you who cant wait... There is a full size version in the works, which Im super excited about. This mini version is only 5x7 and would make a great small space calendar, like your desk at work, or even stocking stuffers for your friends and family!

Check out the listing to get a discount on purchasing more than one!

The inside includes a thank you dedication to my mother.
Here is a preview of the each month. Each one has four original Violet Bella photos, along with a little inspirational thought.

Go check it out in the shop. The cover design was created by Janel of Run With Scissors. The design is what I use for my info cards with all of my packages... and after I created the calendar, I realized it would be perfect! The feathers were completely coincidental! It was meant to be...

Ill let you know when the full size version is released!



  1. Looooove it!!! Definitely a must have! :)

  2. this is so so pretty!! i think its just what i need. :)

  3. cool idea, creating a calendar :D i just love your whole concept behind it, its so amazing! i need a violet bella! :D

  4. I'm loving your new calendar! Will need to update to the new Violet Bella 2011 calendar when it's available! Can't wait to see the entire thing. I think it's so sweet you dedicated it to your mom. What a beautiful daughter you are :)

  5. You make the most interesting stuff. Everything is just so amazing! You can tell how much time and effort you put into all of your items. I am def going to buy some of your things! Probably within the next week or so :)

    Marja <3

  6. Jamie, thank you!

    shaina, i think so too :)

    katherine, thanks!!!

    betsy, yes, an upgrade is a must :)

    marja, thanks so much, i would be delighted!


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