Two Amazing Giveaways!!!

Two awesome GIVEAWAYS to tell you about!

For those of you who follow Elsie of RVA, you probably already know she is rocking a 2 week long Halloween blog party!

Go check it out, and enter a chance to win this Violet Bella mix tape necklace!!!

And Shauna of Poor Pitiful Pearl just finished a massive day long blog party to celebrate her 2,000 sale! There are tons of inspiring posts to go check out!

Plus, her weekly interesting person of the week post is Rachel Denbow of Smile and Wave! She is such an adorable inspiring girl, you must go read, and have a chance to win a goodie!!!

Enjoy and SPREAD THE LOVE!!!



  1. Besides the adorable nostalgia I get from looking at your mixed tape necklace, I LOVE the shirt you have on!


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