Random Inspiration

I asked, and you replied, random inspiration...

This is my goal for my hair. Maybe not quite thislong, but the cut and style for sure. I have tried growing my hair out for years, but always end up cutting it. But this time I mean business!!! I just started taking pre-natal vitamins, so maybe this will help speed up the process???

I love this string of inspiration. I started one at home, but there is not alot of room anywhere to put it, so its in an awkward spot. I'll rethink this project more later...

would someone please get me the blank couple patch from RVA???
its a patch with a line drawing of two people and you fill in the hair and clothes and accessories!

so adorable.

It's time to start breaking out the vinyls more, open the door, let the autumn breeze in and jam out to the beautiful crackling sound of simple 70's vinyls.

What is your favorite band from this era?

My top favs:

Neil Young
Bob Dylan
Joni Mitchel
Rolling Stones
Led Zepplin


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  1. Love that hairstyle too! The swoopy bangs. I wish I could pull it off. Great selection of music too by the way. :)

  2. I love the hair idea and I take Hair, skin and nail pills and my hair grows SUPER fast! I think they are like 6$ at Wal-Mart!

  3. lovely post :) I'd love a string of inspiration too. It's such a nice idea.


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