Nothing but a rant

Okay, I totally just need to RANT!


I have been frustrated since last night. Everything I have set out to do either gets messed up, takes wayyy to long, or I have to redo it. My blog got all messed up and now I am going to have to fix it. I am in the middle of designing a calendar, half way through, and realize I did the dates wrong on most of them, now I have to redo them! Stupid little errors.

I woke up not feeling well. About to start my period. I know that is half the reason I am feeling this way. I cried most of today. Of all the good in my life, I hate it when it only takes one little thing said to bring me into a spiraling mess of tears.

Then I read a fellow bloggers post about her dad's suicide and blubbered all over my sandwich.

Its just one of those days. Sorry to be such a bummer, I thought it just felt good to write it out!

{I am super excited about this calendar, I hope everyone loves it!}



  1. Awww, sending you big hugs! I see you got your background fixed and it looks great! I love it! Can't wait to see the calendar! Hope you have a happier evening!

  2. aww that sucks, I'm sorry ur having a crappy day but we all get days like that, hopefully tomoro will be better.. try not to stress too much about the calender, you'll get it sorted and it will be fine :) chin up xx

  3. Oh one of those days :/ you and me both! I had to go to the Emergency Room yesterday for a flare up from a slipped disc 2 years back. I didn't get to design my Christmas card which really was a downer. I was very close to just asking the ER nurse for pen and paper, lol. I really hope today is much better for you and I'm very excited to see your calendar!! *hugs*

  4. Oh man this was me yesterday!!! Couldn't get anything right it seemed...
    I was feeling depressed, miserable, frustrated, annoyed and close to tears when I couldn't sew a simple seem straight...but then I took a couple deep breathes, left my sewing room and did something fun and relaxing:)
    I really hate these kind of days though, it's hard to get inspired...

  5. thank you guys! i guess it was in the air huh!


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!