2010 Violet Bella Calendar


2010 Calendar

{here is a preview of the images used, the layout, and below is an example of one to show you what each month will look like. Each month has a few words that personally remind me of that month. Inspirational and positive.}

as soon as I am ready to sell them I will post a blog so you will know!
along with more details of printing, prices, and packaging

I would more than love your feedback or criticisms.

{p.s. I am feeling a bit better. sorry for the rant earlier. I am working on my blogger. Will you let me know if you are seeing everything fine in my layout, the sidebar on the right and all? thank you :)}


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  1. Hi Laura,
    Just came across your blog, and I love it. I have been reading from the start.
    I just wanted you to know you wrighting is beautiful. Please forgive my spelling errors,I suffered from a brain anuerysm and one of my problems is spelling. It is late and I don't feel like getting the dictionary out. It is hard for me, this life adn I am sitting here crying, all day and tonight has been a very bad night. I am ashamed because you know I should be grateful for this second chance at life. When I was reading one of your entries, you said " you would not ask your children to give up?" and tonight was such a bad night so bad that I wanted to give up and almost, almost I scared myself. And then I decided to get on the computer and I found you and I read everything you wrote and so much me made smile, cry, feel your pain, feel your love and then I read that.
    You are amazing and I will follow you. Thank you for what you said. I am a mom of three children. You saved my life.

  2. Hi! Thanks so much for your encouragement, so good for me to hear as I really am having. "one of those days" :)
    I am loving the look of your blog over here, it is just gorgeous visually and the look of your calendar is just stunning! I have been trying to put together a calendar of my images but just haven't been able to make it look the way that I want. I looks like you have done such a beautiful job!

  3. The calendar is beautiful!! You did an awesome job! love love!!

  4. I love the calendar so much! I have already thought about where I will put it so I will definitly be getting one. The images are beautiful and I love that you have added positive sayings. I might need one for work too, since that is where I tend to do the "woe is me" thing!

    Where did you get your record player that you mentioned in your comments? That sounds really cool. I don't really have to have an old one, I just want it to look old. The one you described sounds perfect!
    Glad you are feeling better!!

  5. I love the calender! It is gorgeous! My favorite month is December because I'm in love with the pretty photo of the red shoes!!! :)

  6. Tamera,

    I dont know how to comment to you but on here since you dont have a blog. I cant thank you enough for leaving me such an honest and meaningful comment on my blog. I really had no idea that I could write something that would affect someone in such a positive way, and I am so happy to know that I have. You have single handedly made me want to never stop doing what I do. And have made me realize its okay to be more real and just who I am. Thank you. Dont be ashamed for feeling not as grateful as you should be for your second chance. We all have our feelings, but we also have the choice to change our perspective about our feelings. And I know that your children unknowingly are better off for the choice you made yesterday.

    When asked 'how do i change the world', Maya Angelou responded, 'go home and love your family'. And that is what you chose to do and are doing.

    My love and heart are extended to you.


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!