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I almost forgot to post this treasury I made, it expires tomorrow around 2.


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I just want to say thank you to all of my lovely readers. You have given me support beyond what you will know. Your wonderful comments truly keep me going everyday. I have been blessed lately, due to a few of you so kind to feature me on your blogs, so have gained so many new followers, thank you.

I have been almost in tears to know how I have touched some of you just through a few blogs I wrote. I have been thinking today about really making this blog a place to connect on a deeper level with everyone, not just the 'look what I did today' sort of thing, which I know I am good at! There are so many thoughts I would like to share and interact with others about. Sometimes with the path I have chosen, I lead a sheltered life as far as socializing goes. All of you on here have become another extension of that. I didnt realize the friendships you could form online, at first I thought it was so bleek and really just something to do for fun. But since getting to know so many of you on a more personal level, I have changed my mind about that.

So, look forward to some more writings from me. Dont worry, I will keep posting those photos too! I love photos!

Off to take some child portraits.

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  1. Love the collections...and the sweet sentiments :)

  2. Love the collection! I posted you on my blog too!! I love reading your posts! I live in a tiny little town so a lot of my friendships are online :) I'm so glad to meet such an inspiring person such as yourself :) love love

  3. I live a very busy life. My 'in-real-life' friends I rarely see or speak to... a few, but not on a daily basis, and hardly about inspiration and thought that go beyond the 'how is your life' conversation.
    The friendships I have made online through blogging have meant more to mean than so many other friendships that have come and gone.
    Your blog, your work, your self are all lovely and I am happy to come 'visit' everytime. :-)

  4. Dear Laura,
    I just wanted to say thank you for sharing of your world. I am still in sort of a disbelief that I just happen to come across your blog. Today was a new day for me, a new beginning, thanks to you.
    I do believe that things in life happen for a reason, so thank you for being there for me, even though you do not know me. Silly, but true. I love your new thoughts that you wrote today. I am going through so many changes in my life which are very hard, believe it or not, harder than when I suffered my brain aneurysm. I would love to share more with you and get your thoughts and advice, but I really am in a way not wanting to open up to everyone, because of some of the issues I am facing. I would love to email you or maybe contact you through Etsy. I am in the process of opening a shop, I have been for a while, but I am afraid. I just wanted to see if I could share with you and if it is not a good time, that is ok.
    Thank you.
    Much Love,

  5. Hi there -- thanks so much for visiting my blog! What a beautiful collection!

  6. Tamera -




Thank you so much for your sweet comments!