Peices of My Mother All Around...

Yay!  I have my internet this morning until I go to get James today!  So, I get to share my first outfit post in the new house.  I am enamored with the natural light in this house.  I will be able to do all of my jewelry photography right here by this window without even leaving the house!  So excited.  No more waiting for the right weather or time of day to do it on the porch.

I wore:
my mother's handmade dress
gray leggings
my mother's sandals
beaded feather hair clip

This is one of my favorite spots in the house.  This desk was my mother's and Im so happy it finally has a place to be shown off.  One of my favorite things.  My aunt (my mom's sister) told me while moving that it used to be in their bedroom when they were little girls, and my nanna had painted it hot pink!  And they hated it, ha ha!  My dad stripped it and refinished it, and my mom added the amber glass handles and now its one of the prettiest things ever.

Now, I am really off for a few days!  See you later little blog.



  1. Oh it's gorgeous! I'm so happy it's not hot pink anymore! HAHA!

  2. gooooolly what beautiful light! definitely jealous!!!

  3. Hi Laura! I'm new to your blog but I think you've got a lovely space here and I am so excited to look around a bit more! Great outfit and I agree about the lighting - it looks perfect in there! I'm excited to be your newest follower!

  4. i'm so glad you are settling in nicely! will be even more glad when you come back :)

    Kaye x

  5. Gorgeous girl. <3 That corner is just so dreamy - I'm swooning over that desk with the amber drawer pulls! I want to come visit! ;)

  6. your new house is so pretty! and that desk is stunning! we are on the hunt for a vintage desk right now and its not very easy!

  7. Aww, very pretty. Congrats on the new house!

  8. Love the look of your photography. It's so soft and romantic looking.

  9. Hello Laura, I am so pleased that you are all settled in. It is lovely that you can honour your mother with the beautiful pictures and furntiure you have on your house. Well done you x

  10. Love your outfit,and your photos! I just found your blog and it is lovely. Gonna go check out your etsy now :)


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