A Creative Outlet...

I created this little number this morning after once again getting a bit frustrated with this past situation, that honestly will probably never stop.  So instead of getting super upset, I decided to do something creative with that energy.

And as suggested by a friend, I have decided to make this an interactive post!  Anyone who agrees with what is said on this adorable little flyer, please feel free to re-post it on your blog!  Just put a link back to this post.  Lets spread the word in a fun and creative way that its not so cool to be a copycat.

Have Fun!



  1. I love this and I will be re-posting this right now! The whole copycat thing that's been going around is just wrong. Thank you for making this!

  2. Love it! I agree with this and hate to see great artists work get copied and/or stolen. Thanks for creating this :)

    Oh and I re-posted this and linked you back ^_^

  3. I love the way you have turned this rather nasty experience into something which everyone can benefit from, and you have done it with integrity and intelligence. Clearly the sign of an artist x Jo

  4. Have a bit of a similar situation (though not to your extent) with a frequent buyer turned, surprise, jewelry designer and shop owner. Going to repost this. A lot more positive path to travel! Thanks so much!

  5. I agree with you Laura. I like that you put your frustrations with this copy cat and turn it into art. That is what god wants you to do :) I posted it on my blog and a some photo's of some of your lovely clothes I have purchased. Just a little post about you! :)

    p.s. I love your new banner on the top of your page. Gorgeous!

  6. posted on my blog, and I also pinned it to Pinterest...hopefully it will be repinned and shared there as well!

  7. how awful that people are ripping you off! but what a creative way to deal with it. way to be the bigger person! i don't get why people can't come up with their own stuff! ; )

  8. I'm sorry you're dealing with this. I found you through Searching for Serendipity. I'll post this on My Blog on Monday, April 18 (the "O" day of the A-Z blogfest) and link back to you.

    Way to make art not war!

  9. Hi Laura-

    I came across your blog by way of Pamplemousse and after reading for a bit, I saw that you are closing on your house on Monday, the 11th? Congrats! We are closing & getting our keys for our new house on Monday too! **Jumping up and down with excitement!** Well- I just wanted to say hi and congrats to you and your husband. Looks like you have been dealing with several things at once and this buying & house and moving thing is very stressful in itself (I myself am freaking out and am going crazy living amongst all the packed boxes). Hang in there!

    Lots of love- Charlotte

  10. came across your blog from pamplemousse.
    I am SO reposting this!!
    It'll be on my blog on Wednesday!
    I'm so sorry you had/have to go through this but you've done an amazing job dealing with it.

  11. I love this. I'm going to blog about it this week. Thank you for inspiring us all to be more honest with one another. Plagerism in any form is disheartening. I'm so sorry to hear that you have been having a hard time with such issues.

    wishing you love,

    Fritzi Marie

  12. I know exactly how you feel..
    i have written about this same subject on my blog too..

    here http://bit.ly/h12BK4
    here http://bit.ly/eNrT1R

    even though the other person has no manners (thats why they are fine doing this) we have too many manners to freak out on them!

  13. oh i completely agree to this, will spread the word!

  14. this is great, sorry you had to deal with that. your ability to turn nasty situations to something pretty is amazing.

  15. The best thing you can do is to stop even looking at the copycat's site. If you continue to look, you will continue to get frustrated. Remember, you left it in God's hands, don't take it back into your own.

  16. You are way to lovely to have to go through silly drama like this :( You are so original and amazing and it shines through your work my dear!!
    I love this little art piece that you made :)

  17. Sorry you are still dealing with this issue. I would be so embarrassed if all I did was copy someone's work, get called out on it repeatedly, and then continue to be a copycat. I'm sure it's frustrating for you to put new work out there because you want to stay proactive with your creativity, but don't want to deal with the consequences. Keep your chin up, I think this poster is a good idea to spread around.

  18. i 115% agree with you! and shared the love on my blog.


  19. I know what shop you are talking about and honestly it doesn't look like she is copying you. She just uses some of the same charms and similar photography, but she definitely puts her own spin on her stuff. I actually looked through her whole shop instead of just taking someone's biased word for it. It does sound like you have some issues though, because you keep stalking her stuff and freaking out. I think you're being a little oversensitive and reading too much into it all. You need to move on. Just my opinion.


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