Feeling a bit girly...

 This may be the last outfit post for a while since ill most likely be in cut-offs, tshirts, and flips for the next few weeks, well see... The other day we went to town to run some errands and see my grandparents, and I felt quite girly.  I wore a $70 dress that I scored on ebay for $6!  Along with my Ruche belt (which I still cant get enough of) and a vintage butterfly sleeve wrap crop top, along with my green cons of course.
 It felt good to go along with the spring season!

THANK YOU so much for all of the lovely house comments!  We are so excited, and I dont think it has really all set in for either of us.  Maybe when we actually spend the first night there it will.  Tomorrow I will be cutting lining for all of the drawers/shelves in the kitchen so we can start putting away all of our kitchen stuff!  And maybe putting clothes in the closet!!!  Its kind of hard to unpack too much without all of the furniture in place.  But it will be in there before you know it!  And I know a few of you are going along in this process along side us, and its so exciting to share our experiences back and forth!!!

 And oh my, I got some adorable photos of Violet (my doggy above).  I will share later.

Oh, and during this little shoot, I was about to take a full outfit shot... got lazy, used a stack of empty boxes instead of a tripod, and my camera tumbled over hard onto the concrete!!!  yikes!  so far its okay.  durable baby!  so... fiy... dont do this!!!  use your tripod kids :)



  1. Laura- you are seriously adorable! i have been reading for a while but never comment...i love your little space here!

  2. hah. Boxes. I use such random things as a "tripod". Just say no to tumbly cameras.

  3. thank you amy!!!

    katelyn, i always do to. i guess until this happens, i learned my lesson. but ill prob still do it. creature of habit :)

  4. love your blog. happy i found it :)

  5. I love your style and that belt!!! XO!

  6. you look beautiful lady <3

    so happy for you guys!! hope moving goes smoothly :)

  7. You are so cute! :) I love your blog!!!:)


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!