Handmade Weddings...

I was delighted to receive the cutest wedding invitation ever for Elsie & Jeremy's upcoming wedding.  Are they not the cutest???  Little mini vinyl shaped cards and a hand carved stamp of them!  In Love.  Pretty bummed we wont be able to attend b/c of finances of buying a new home.  But I'll be sending lots of love from a distance.  You can read here where she got her customs designs created.

Weddings are such a fun time.  I loved designing all of the handmade details for my own wedding.  And the best part, is that I have so many things that I get to keep throughout the years from it.  For instance, the handmade napkins my Nanna made, and the patchwork table cloths that I now use for curtains.

I just got done creating these adorable little brooches for a sweet girls wedding.  I love that she is using handmade artisan touches in her wedding!

Cheers to springtime and love!



  1. Oh such cute invitations! I think its great that Elsie invited you to her wedding! :)

    ...and that you featured my brooches in your post! I can't wait for my ladies to wear them. <3 You're the best! Thank you so much!

  2. I love the adjustments you have made to your blog, and those invites are so Elsie. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I love such personal, DIY wedding details! I'm trying to do a lot of the same for my upcoming wedding! It's a big and sometimes overwhelming day but I think incorporating the couple's personality as much as possible helps the whole event feel more true and grounded. Have a lovely weekend!

  4. I think I almost died from the cuteness when I got my invitation in the mail! And my boyfriend was so excited when he saw his name was on the envelope, too!

    Ps: L o v e the changes you've made to the blog recently. Everything is so pretty!

  5. oh if i could redo my wedding it would be all handmade and dreamy!

    what a creative invitation.

    bohemian twilight


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