New Inspiration and Bits of Life

A bit of randomness in the midst of editing pics of Katelyn's visit...

I have been re-inspired to re-edit a bunch of old works that Ive done... Here are a few older photographs that I have re processed and found a new love for. Amazing how something so simple can be inspiring and give a whole new outlook on something you once forgot about. I think that is why I love upcycling clothes so much.

Most of these I already put in the shop, and the ones I haven't will be up soon.


And now for some randomness in life. Most of these are actually from weeks ago, but I just wanted to share.

This is my best friend Shelley. She is an amazing, beautiful, strong momma of two precious little ones... an outstanding wife, a wonderful sister, and best friend a person could have. She makes me feel comfortable to just be myself, and it seems these days that is hard to come by. We dont see each other nearly as often as we would like, but we both know how much we love each other, always.

I recently got this dress from LucyMagnolia on etsy. The cutest little shop, I am so happy I found her. Not the greatest pic of the dress, I know, I plan on taking better ones sometime. But it is so beautiful and comfy! I love it.
And I just got in my much awaited for Neil Young tshirt. I have been on the lookout for the perfect Neil Young shirt forever, and when I found this for such a reasonable price I just about flipped, and it fits perfect! I think I will be seen in this shirt so often you might not think I own any other clothes!
Just a cute one of me and James, I loved the way his hair looked in this pic. He is so adorable its ridiculous. I never get tired of looking at him.
Want to play a game of Where's James??? And by the way, yes, we sleep with all of these, plus two more that arent pictured.
And now for a game of Where's Bella! Ha ha, anytime I leave my back door open, she will sneak in and find a comfy spot in my mess. And yes, my craft room usually looks like this, its nuts! Its clean right now, but I give it about two days to stay that way.
And this is Violet's new hang out spot on the porch. Since I moved the porch around, she still likes her chair, but she prefers to hide under the table. I dont know why, maybe the concrete is cool and its nice and dark and relaxing? But she loves it under there!
Right now outside my window, the sky is hot pink behind the sillouette of trees, and the sky is roaring with thunder and putting on a lightshow. Its about to rain like crazy. I love it when it rains. I find such a peaceful calm from it. I like to write when it rains. Maybe Ill find some inspiration for my Roots and Feathers blog tonite.



  1. i love your photos, especially the 2nd and 3rd. you're so talented!

  2. i love when you have a photo ... the composition is perfect but something's missing ... & so you do nothing & forget about it ... & one day you stumble upon it & turn it into something special!

    stunning photography as usual!

  3. So gorgeous! You did a great job. Haha I love the picture of your craft room! It's good to know I'm not the only unorganized one! :)

  4. That picture of James in bed with all your animals made me smile. I love it!! You guys are too cute!


  5. amazing...the "hunger" piece is lovely....your family is so cute! xo Happy Ambush! You sooo deserve it! :))
    Mary V

  6. What an overwhelmingly beautiful post...love your work.

  7. *IN LOVE* with your photography style!
    New follower and def coming back to read and look at more :D

  8. Oh I just love that photograph with the red butterfly! :)
    Awesome Neil Young shirt I bet it was worth the wait...
    great photos,


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!