Life at Random

A little post for the randomness of my week in photos...

My garden is looking amazing with all of this lovely rain we have been having here. I havent had to water all week! I am growing carrots for the first time, and I just couldnt help but pick one the other day just to look at it, and OMG am I glad I did! Look at how absolutely adorable that carrot is!!! Made my moment for sure!

I love watching Violet on the porch. She loves this chair so much, we pretty much named it Violet's chair. She could just sit in it forever and watch things going on outside. Alot of times I will look out the window and she will have her little paws up on the arm rest, crossed, with her chin resting on them, its the cutest thing ever! Well SHE is the cutest thing ever... She sleeps inside every night, and the second she wakes up, or we wake up I should say, she runs to the door so she can go on the porch and sit in her chair :)

My fridge at the current moment.

Sat on the porch or a bit the other day when it was raining and red a bit of my Leonard Cohen poetry book, and then was inspired to write some more myself in my beautiful book below. I love Leonard Cohen, he is such an odd, inspiring artist who passionately writes about deep intense love that exists only in his head... Amazing what an artist loneliness can make of a person.

I got a pretty new dress at goodwill and upcycled it just a bit. Now its not just pretty, it beautiful and worthy of a date, I do believe.

Probably my favorite thing from the past few weeks is that James has been playing guitar almost everyday. This makes my heart so incredibly happy. And I give credit to awesome friends who passed on a new guitar and ones that have inspired him to play more. Im very excited for him and Jonny to play more together.

And we have been doing alot of hula hooping, and yes, James has joined in on the fun, and he is so funny when he does it. He has all kinds of moves... he has a 'michael jackson' move, a 'home alone' move, an 'elvis' move... Im sure there is more Im forgetting about. He cracks me up everytime he picks up the hoop!

Ha ha, check out this one...

And yes, I hula hoop in my mumu at night, lol. I got this pink nightgown at walmart and james just about freaked when he realized I was serious about buying it. It was so funny. He was so embarassed that I was buying a mumu. Although, I dont really think it is one, but he calls it one... I happen to think its quite adorable... ha ha.

And I had a little visit with Shelley and got to play a bit with Isabel and Xavier. The two most precious babies in the whole entire world. They have a HUGE place in my heart.

Just look at this boy! Ridiculously cute.

And now, more rain... Its been everyday. I really hope it clears up a bit while Katelyn is here... Speaking of, my friend Katelyn is driving all the way from Louisianna to come stay with me! I am so excited to meet her and her beautiful little girl. We are going to have so much fun together!

Time to get my post on! A few new dresses in the shop tonite!



  1. MUMU?! WHERE?? James is a spaz. That is an adorable night shirt. Rock it out mommas! Can't wait till I am there! Less than a week! Oh my that carrot is adorable. I can't wait till our garden is a lot more family feeding friendly. :)

  2. i want to hang with you & K.... geez....gotta make it happen. i love your random blog about your life... love it... and love the suagr Mama mumu... yummy!

  3. it seems impossible to be in love with the weather we have WHEN we have it. Its been 90-100 degrees where i'm at for the past few days and i'm used to 70s weather or constant rain. The grass is always greener on the other side they say, and i guess looking forward to the weather youre having, they are right.

  4. hahahaha I used to love hula hooping when I was a kid, haven't used one of those in ages! :)


  5. So many things that I love in this post. Your carrot is so cute! I'm so glad your garden is doing great! My carrots grew for about 6 months, and came out this size in the end, so disappointing!
    I must say that I'm totally in love with your new book of writings, and the blog dedicated to it. I love reading your poems.
    I so agree that dress is ready for a date, so beautiful and feminine and flowy... what an awesome find, I've never found anything like that!
    <3 I share your love, my favorite thing to do is to listen to Timmy play... I sat on the couch the other night and ignored all the to-do's and just listened, it was so nice. So awesome for James to have a new guitar!
    I love the hula hooping pics, especially the night dress :)

  6. Well if that is a mumu... you rock it! It is so funny! Looks like you guys have so much fun. Who knew how entertaining a hula hoop could be! Happy Monday!


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