Violet Bella loves PPP

If you have been reading my blog enough, I think you know that Shauna from Poor Pitiful Pearl and I have a serious love for each other! And I think it just grew a little deeper :)

Check her out in her first Violet Bella outfit! I was so excited when she said she wanted this jumper!!! And a bit nervous, to be honest, coming from the sewing Queen! But she loved, and sent me these awesome hypstomatic prints! Seriously L.O.V.E.

Is she not adorable in her oh so 'real' studio! I love it. Glad to know Im not the only one who gets fabric everywhere... And we even hang our clothes the same way, so cute!

I love the one of her sitting in the chair with the measuring tape wrapped around, adorable!

And if you DONT know who she, you must go check out her shop. And if you are serious about getting the cream of the crop, you must follow her on facebook to see her updates on posting. These babies seriously sell out in a matter of seconds from when she posts, its the craziest cat fight!



  1. I like PPP too!!! :). I received my very first oxy top in the mail yesterday! Love it!!!

  2. awesome jen, you are going to be hooked now!

  3. awww. i love you and your jumper... where have you been my whole life Laura? we were def cut from the same cloth.... i love how we share so much in common.... your such a blessing xx
    ps... even Donnie liked the jumper... after I nursed Italia in the car when we were running errands, i left it down like skirt with hanging crochet suspenders... it was da bomb...

    ill will soooo oget much use of this baby ..thank you again!

  4. All lovely photos on your blog!

  5. I read your profile and you are so wise. Thank you for the blessing of reading your profile. I love your shop.


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