Just wanted to share two of my latest diptychs for Miss Match, I love how both of them came out...

For this one, our prompt was TRAGEDY and I was paired with the beautiful Francoise Rachez who sent me this very comical photo, so at the last minute I changed up my photo and did something so support her silly viewpoint of tragedy. And I am so glad I did, I love the way they came together.

left: me

For this one, our prompt was POWER. Upon reading this prompt I was a bit scared b/c I dont really like anything about the word power... And this one again was a last minute change up on ideas. We actually had a hard time getting our thoughts clear that week, so we both kind of just 'shot' and it came together seamlessly.

left: me


  1. I love love love that egg shot! Your photos always amaze me even if they are the simplest thing, you always know just what to do to make it amazing.

  2. That spill on the shirt is a tragedy!! And I love the power one of your lip, I think it fits the word perfectly...its like femininity with an edge!

  3. Did you fry or scramble the egg???
    Luv U


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