The Moon is apart of a woman's life so intimately. Our menstrual cycle is physically connected to the Moon's cycle of 28 1/2 days. Meaning our hormones, moods, energy levels, emotions, thoughts, spirit are all affected by the Moon! However, as modern technology, over-population, hormonal contraceptives, poor diets, and an estranged relationship to nature have become the norm for a typical woman in Western Society, we have lost track of this sacred cycle in our lives. We don't have a consistent moon cycle nowadays, so it is easy to set this cycle aside and "deal" with it when it arrives. 

This e-course is designed for women to get back in touch with what makes us truly feminine. Our moon-times are a time of month for us to honor, retreat, create, and rest in our sacredness and femininity.  I will provide 7 days of nourishing, soulful, creative activities you can do to get in touch with your unique flow and rhythm. You can skip around, pick and choose, repeat, or take this course day by day while on your moon-time to help you create your own nourishing cycle.

There will be:
*Chakra work
*Lunar wisdom
*Goddess rituals
*Opening and Closing ceremony
*Journal pages
*A private Facebook group to be
surrounded by a supportive,
healing circle of women

Let's learn how to honor this part of ourselves again.
There will be four winners for each phase of the Moon: New, Waxing, Full, Waning.

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(Thank you so much Marissa!  This could not have come at a better time, since this morning marks the start of my own moontime.)

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  1. I'm a writer, so my ways of honoring the moon cycle often have to do with words. On the last waning crescent day (today!) I like to journal about what I am releasing this cycle-- fears, expectations, resentments, hurts, hopes, plans, wishes. It helps me deal with my 2 year struggle with infertility.

    Next moon cycle, I'm going to experiment with planning my writing process in accordance with the moon. Free writing during the waxing phases and revising and polishing during the waning phases. We'll see how it goes-- I'm excited.

    (followed via GFC)

  2. I follow Marissa via GFC! I would love to do the meditations and use the lunar wisdom. (I currently do not do anything to honor this time though...)

  3. I've had a strained relationship with this part of my life after not having a moontime for over 2 years while on Mirena. I felt out of touch with myself as well as well, crazy. I have yet to have my first post partum moontime but really wanted to take this one as a way to reconnect to myself and honor my inner goddess. Thank you so much Marissa and Laura for this beautiful giveaway.

  4. Sorry! Forgot to say that I don't honour my moon cycle enough and I would love to learn how to be more connected to it--especially through Marissa Moondaughter!

    Amy <3

    Shared on fb!!!

  5. This is such a wonderful & unique e-course. I recently even went into the metaphysical shop a few blocks from my house looking for some solutions to be more in tune with myself, to cleanse negativity, in an attempt to be more in tune with my body and mind, and maybe feel a little more sane on those off days.

    I followed her blog, as well. I'm just stoked to be introduced to it.

  6. I already follow Marissa! I love the idea of her course, I definitely need to get more in touch with my moon cycle. :)

  7. I don't do much to honor my moon cycle at the moment, but I want more than anything to learn how.

    At the moment, I have what I like to call an extremely rocky relationship with my moon cycle, and it's because if it that I'm so disconnected with that part of my womanhood.

    You see, I've had an issue with an irregular menstrual cycle since I first started (It would last for a month or two; the longest was two and a half). It was so bad, that I was put on a birth control pill at age 10 [I've been in and out of doctor's offices for years, and this has been their only solution]. I've been on some form of birth control ever since, and due to it, I haven't had much of a cycle at all. Up until now anyway.

    I guess I never considered that I might feel the call of motherhood one day.. (I hope like heck that I'm even capable...)

    So now that my husband and I are trying, I'm no longer taking birth control and my cycle from hell is back.

    I'm working with a herbalist at the moment, but I feel that there's so much more that I can do to get myself in check naturally.

    I believe that in order to do that, I need to become more in tune with that part of me.

    I need to form a more of a connection between my mind and body as a person in general, but first and foremost, as a woman.

    [My apologizes, for I've seemed to have written a novel as a comment >.<]


    I've followed you & shared this via Pinterest.

  8. I'm embarrassed to admit that the only way I honor my moon cycle is by cramming myself full of dark chocolate and weeping over nothing and everything. I would love to learn to be more in tune with this sacred and profoundly feminine occurrence that still makes me blush when openly discussed.

  9. I follow via GFC (Cee), and my current attempt involves color breathing meditation for my chakras. I've just started delving into it, and I'm practicing for the first time tonight. What an amazing course! ~Cee~
    ceevegnashville [at] gmail [dot] com

  10. Oh, almost missed this! Followed on gfc, and well... honestly I haven't done very much about honoring my moon cycle, except being more gentle with myself and resting more on my moon time (and eating more chocolate, hehe). The last few months I have been more aware and tried to get more in touch with how my body is doing during the different phases of the cycle, but for some reason I have had a very unregular (is that the word?) cycle so it's been more complicated than I thought. For these reasons this course would be very useful as I try to figure out how I can love on me the best way, because I don't really know where to start...

  11. I have just started to delve into crystal healing and I can't wait to learn more. I had my first angel reading and am learning about chakra clearing right now. I would love to take this course.

  12. Already follow her lovely blog, I'd love to take part in this course and learn more about connecting with my moon cycle x

  13. I follow her blog. I would love to get this course, the birth of a child has always seemed like such a important time in a woman's life. So why isn't her moon phase? Our culture makes it seem like such a dirty thing...

  14. I honor my moon time by using "moon pads" that I sew myself! I also purchased a book called 105 Ways To Celebrate Menstruation...which is full of great ideas. I would love to be a part of this workshop!


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