This is my dream xmas list.  I call it my 'dream' list, b/c in reality I know most of these things are just not realities... b/c I apparently I have really expensive taste... but it was fun browsing and collecting some of my favorite things that made my heart flutter.
1. Run With The Tribe Gaia crop top in desert sand.  Alana's work just touches my soul, and knowing her heart makes that run so much deeper.
2. Novella Royale Floral Stripe Janis Bells.  I've been wanting these for ever... they were sold out for a long time and now they are back.  She is my alltime favorite designer.  I could wear every single item she sells, if only I could afford them...
3. Bird Trouble Spanish Double Headed Eagle bag.  I have never come across a bag designer I love more than Alexz.  My favorite bags I own, and this one just screams my name.
4. The Curators Prints 'La Luna' print.  Needs to be on my wall.
5. Canon 5D Mark II.  I told you it was a 'dream' list.  This baby has been in my dreams for a long time... I'm saving my pennies for a 'one day'... Oh yes.
6. I Heart Norwegian Wood Scarf Top.  A long time fan of this shop.  This top makes me ooze with drool.

7. Clarissa Pinkola Estes The Creative Fire audio book.  Or any other book or audio by her.  I'd love to have her entire collection of works one day. 

8. Prismacolor watercolor pencil set.  The 36 one, you know, the big one.  Because I don't dig the primary colors, just the beautiful shades that they only add to the BIG sets... I'm picky with my colors like that.  

9. Mary Ink Ventana sweatshirt.  Long time fan of Maryink.  Love their work.  And we've met them in person and talked to them for a good while... super amazing down to earth peeps.  Love them.

10. Siamic Wear tribal leggings.  This shop is a brand new find for me and oh. my.  In love.  These leggings are so ridiculously rad, yes yes yes!!!

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  1. You love the crop top, but I love the plaid skirt that's paired with it :D

  2. Trev has the 5D mark II, he loves it :) Personally, I'm a Nikon head. And I am now officially obsessed with those leggings. I am always in the market for a good pair of leggings <3

  3. I hear ya on that camera!

    xo Jennifer


  4. wonderful list, hope soon you could get your canon!

  5. I too want those leggings!! Fun "dream" list! Oh yes, and I'd take anything, especially some Bells, from Novella Royale!

  6. Those leggings! I want them too :)

    xo Ashley

  7. Nothing wrong with a dream list - especially a long one - it means that you would get at least ONE item on it!

  8. The Leggings!*Drool Drool*


  9. Girl, I know you could make that scarf top in 2 seconds flat! ;) Thanks for inspiring me to start back sewing... currently makin my first quilt out of old material my granny gave me. I'm so happy knowin I can make some special things for my children to treasure later in life. :)

  10. I've had that La Luna print in my cart for some time. Love all these items. Love you.


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