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One of our projects in the Intuitive Heart Sanctuary was to take some photos of a few things we do for self-care.  This is one of my favorite subjects, as I am a firm believer that we must take care of ourselves first, before we can lovingly take care of others.  Or at least make little bits of time for ourselves when we can, in between.  It is very very important.  Self care does not have to be something that takes alot of time, just something that makes your soul sing, even if for 5 minutes.  Below are a few images that do that for me.

1. We recently moved the record player into our bedroom and its one of the best things we could of done.  I get to turn on a record now when Im in the shower or tub, or right before bed to relax to before I fall asleep.  Or while I fold laundry on the bedroom floor!

2. I love bath salts.  My friend Rain sent me the best bath salts Ive ever used from Origins and I use it like its gold, ha ha.  I recently traded a friend the other bath salts and Im loving them.  They are from Sage Goddess.

3. Just a few of the books Im currently reading.  I usually have between 5-10 books Im going back and forth between each night, depending on my mood.  I like reading this way.  Otherwise I tend to get bored really easily.  After seeing several recommendations, Im anxiously awaiting the arrival of Women Who Walk With Wolves.

4. Smoothies.  Nourishing my body has been a big priority for myself lately.  Im more ways than one.  But making a simple smoothie is an easy way to nourish your body each day.  Something that even my hubby will drink and he hates all veggies.  :)

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  1. music and books are my constant companions in life. i couldn't do without either of them. they're just good for the soul.


  2. wish I had a bathtub, couldn´t live without the music or the books and I rely on my morning meditations 100%... makes me a better mama, and a happier me.

  3. I love this list, Laura! And I couldn't agree more about self care -- it makes such a huge difference! Thanks for sharing what you do for yours. :)

  4. I totally agree with you that we have to take time aside for ourselves! Great collection here of things worthy of indulging in!

  5. Ohh - Women Who Walk With Wolves is such a fantastic read! Such an inspiration - what a great book to care for yourself with. Really nourishing and connecting. Be prepared to read well in to the night. :)


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