(part of a gypsy flag I made for a friend)

The past few days, everytime I think I want to check in here, I check out.  My mind is so full at the moment.  I spent yesterday afternoon getting a massage, a sweet much needed gift from a soul sister.  Then later last night I read alot and had some deep soul stirrings arise, which kept me spinning until I passed out in bed.  I woke up today with a migraine, no surprise there, but it kept me on the low quiet side of life all day.  As much as it has not been fun having a headache all day, it was kind of nice to check out once again and read some more.  My mind and soul are swirling about, tangling themselves up in a magical dance that I dont recognize, but I am entranced by.  

Side not, I blogged earlier today on The Bohemian Collective.

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  1. those gypsy flags you make are so, so beautiful.
    i hear you about the bundle of thoughts...but a massage sounds like a nice remedy, at least for a bit. hope you can find peace soon. : )

  2. hope your headache gets better soon! it is lovely though to be able to take time for yourself!


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