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Here are just a few sneak peeks of some of the photos we took for the next Bohemian Collective lookbook.  These are ipod shots of images on my computer, so of course they are very grainy, discolored, and not full frame... the last one is a sneak of a shoot I did with Katelyn, which I will bring to the blog in a few days.  You can see a real sneak peek over on the collectives blog here.

Speaking of ipod, we might be going to get me an iphone today!!!  Technically in a few days it will be mine.  James phone is up for a super cheap upgrade, so hell be getting it, and then transferring over to my phone line a few days later.  Sweet man, huh??  Hell wait to get his until my phone is up for an upgrade sometime next year.  Im excited to join the iphone world.  I know how much I already love my little ipod, which before I had I thought I would not care for it... Dear instagram won my heart.  btw, my handle on instagram is lauramazurek, if you wanna follow along.
These are just camera pics we took from our first river adventure while Katelyn was here.  It was probably one of my favorite moments from the whole trip.  Katelyn has her work cut out for her with editing almost 300 photos for this lookbook.  Each time she sends me another edited shot, I get more and more excited for the release!  Its so hard to hold back sometimes!!!

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  1. Oooh I can't wait to see the finished images! I love how these ones look already :)

  2. Last year I stole my boyfriend's upgrade to get my iPhone too hehe

    The pic of you in the water is amazing! It reminds me of the James River here in Richmond :)

  3. The sneek peeks are killing me, so looking forward to seeing more!

    Zoe x

  4. I'm surprised I don't follow you on instagram yet! That needs to be corrected ;)

    xo Jennifer


  5. I'm excited to see the whole collection! And lucky you, I wish I had an iphone! I am so behind on technology xD haha

  6. There is always beauty here. Lovely post. <3

  7. dear laura!
    i just wanted you to show you your beautiful dragonfly in an outfit post on my blog:
    love your fotos on instagram!!!
    greetings from austria, marina

  8. i can't wait to see the new look book, it's going to be amazing!

    i just wanted to let you know that lately when life feels a little crazy or i'm feeling a little down, i come to your blog & turn on the music in your mixpod & just let it play. your selections really seem to help calm me, thank you.


  9. ... cant wait to see the new lookbook!! Finally back in blogging again and already put your blog on my Ipad-reading list: so exciting to be always up-to-date on my journeys!

    Love&Peace, Betty ♥

  10. laura, these photo's are so very pretty! I know that you both had a great time making all of these great shots!! they are so lovely!! janet


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