New Headbands!!!!!

As a compliment to my new PATCHWORK OBI BELTS, I introduce the PATCHWORK HEADBANDS!!!

I am so excited and in love with these. I love headbands, but have never found 'the right one'. I am so picky about them. I have bought a few, only to never be worn... After completion of my first one of these, I was hooked. The look and fit perfectly!

And the really fun part, is you can be creative with them... You can also wear it under your bust as a little accent belt or cumberbun (sp?). Or you can wear it over your eyes at night as an eyepatch, or for when you have a headache. Maybe pat the inside with a little lavender oils first...

So they are versatile and adorable! And of course, each one will be completely one of a kind, and runs on themes... And if one just doesnt speak to you, I can make a custom one that will, just convo me!

Here it is as a belt...

Visit the shop to find these babies!



  1. I always know that no matter how much time passes, everytime I visit, I'll be inspired! Absolutely amazing!

  2. GORGEOUS! I love the one with the butterfly!! :)

  3. As always...beautiful. The last headband is my fave!

  4. you are so so beautiful! i love all three!

  5. Holy bologna those are cute! Off to add one to my wish list...

  6. I can't tell you how much I love these, you are so creative, and they just fit right into your shop!! I love!!
    And you are totally beautiful as well.


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