HUGE SALE & new diptych project!

Already done with week 9 of Miss Match diptych project. Here is the final result for our theme TRAVEL. I was paired up with the lovely Michelle Anderson of The Cameras Eye (left). My photo on the right depicts the idea of travel in your mind through a good book.

So, just a few weeks ago, while driving to san antonio, we noticed that my favorite house was for sale. A house I had dreamt about since I was little. Well, it was only $400,000, ha, which is a little out of our price range! (not that we are even in the position to buy a house, im dreaming here okay...)

Well, then this week, we were driving around the back streets of bandera and found that my SECOND favorite house is also for sale! And its only half the cost of the first one... A friend of ours use to live in this house when we were growing up, its a very cool house. About 75 years old, and the upstairs bedroom has a secret little closet! But once again, we are in no position to be buying right now...


Seeing my two favorite homes for sale, and not being able to go for it, has lit a fire under my butt to really get on our savings. We try to be good with our money and save, but we could be doing sooooo much better. So I am determined to make these dreams a reality.

I am going to work twice as hard and try to stop buying so many lattes! (thats going to be hard)...

what does this mean for you????

I am going to start having awesome sales in the shop! And I am going to be going through all of my framed art I have around the house, and Ill be selling it for 1/2 price! So be on the lookout! Its clean out time!


Until I say otherwise...

*if you buy 2 pairs of earrings, you get 1 pair free

*if you buy 2 necklaces, you get 1 free

*if you buy one 5x5 photo print, you get one free

(excludes any custom orders)




  1. Oh man, that photo is so seriously cool! It's perfect. And where did you find a cool library like that? I want to make a room like that in my future house. Speaking of future houses, I am wishing you tons of luck with your sale to make your savings bigger and bigger! That house.... !! .... so cute! Do we get to see inside pictures? It looks amazing and old.

  2. I absolutely love that new photo of yours! I wish I had a room like that in my house. (Even if this isn't in your house I still wish it. hehe) Good luck on your sale! You will get there!

  3. thanks everyone!

    Betsy, it is in Fredericksburg in an awesome antique mall. it was my moms favorite antique mall, it is amazing wonderous and full of to die for fine old things. i cant afford one thing in it, so i took lots of photos instead :)

  4. Goooo Laura!!! get that house girl... love your motivation.... a little fire is a goooood thing! have fun... and watch your sales fly.... keep these obi belts coming too .... my fave of all time. xxx


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