Kitten Escape

So far the better part of today has been spent grocery shopping and talking about finances... Needless to say, Im a bit worn out and NEEDED a KITTEN break! I wanted a little escape from reality for a minute before I got back to it... and I thought what better way then to look at some kittens.

If you dont know this about me, kittens are just about my favorite thing in the world, and have been since i was a wee little girl.

Here are a few images that just melted my heart.


Now if that doesnt put a smile on your face, then I am just really sorry for you!



  1. i love cats! the last one just broke my heart--so so cute!

    love that you have shadowboxer on your playlist!

  2. HA! My cat JUST had kittens! I just posted pictures!! What a wonderful little coincidence!

  3. These are all great ... I love the kitten in the jean pocket. Sending you a hug! xo

  4. ahhhhh! I'm a huuuge kitty lover... they make my heart burst with so much love! haha
    those pics are so cute.. they hurt to look at ;o)

    x0 Laura

  5. Oh my gosh!! That is just what I needed!! Oh, I love kitties so much. I will show this to Bella when she wakes up in the morning :) Thank you for this :)
    (And good luck with the finances part!)

  6. P.S.
    When I saw the first kitty picture, I thought maybe you had gotten a new KITTEN!! Oh, now you have me wanting to go to the shelter :)

  7. ooooh love love love.
    you should have more kitten moments more

  8. Aww these kittens are just so precious! I have been obsessing over cats ever since I got my sweet cat! They are the best animals ever! <3

  9. my cats are no longer kittens ... but i love them just the same (maybe even a little bit more) ... i can understand the escapism! Every so often i will sit down with them & the camera & go a little nuts but they're too cute not to.

  10. Oh I love cats! No matter how bad my day is as soon as I get home and see all my cats I smile!

  11. Yay kittens! They are almost too cute though... I have an issue with overly cute things, makes me sad. lol yes I'm weird!

  12. Those are all too cute!! Love those big eyes :) thanks for this big smile!


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