My Dress on Video

I made my first video with my new flip camera! Please dont make fun, I dont ever record myself and I felt like such a dork. But now you can see which fabrics are what in my dress!

Oh, and I think I was talking like a valley girl or something, lol!

Thank you James for my camera!!!!




  1. You are like the cutest person in the whole world... please don't be creeped out by that.. haha. The dress looks amazing on you!

  2. You are so precious. You dont sound like a valley girl at all! No one likes the way they sound, I hate watching myself. But you're adorable.

    The dress is perfect and I love how special everything is to you. So sweet.

  3. Sooo special and perfect!!! You're such a cutie! Love it & you! xo

  4. You are such a flower- lovely!!!! I loved watching this video- you should do more! :D

  5. SHUT up! I cant even deal with the chills I just got.... ahhhhhhh. your so awesome... and beautiful. I love your laugh in this video.. I dorkily was laughing with you.
    oh my gosh... i feel undeserving of such a wonderful video.
    Now i gotta go show Donnie..... ahhhhh!

  6. Oh my lord, you are a doll Laura.
    First, Happy belated birthday!!!
    Second, sorry I haven't been around. My life hasn't been very well these days but I'm getting back on track, which also means catching up with all of your lovely posts!!
    Third, that dress is breathtaking, not only because it's beautiful but because of the meaning of it all and the fact that you decided to share it with us!!
    Much love dear!

  7. Oh.... you are SO FREAKIN CUTE Laura... seriously.
    That dress looks AMAZING on you, and the fabrics you saved are just incredible, I wish my mom had saved stuff like that from the 70's... and I will follow your advice and save little stuff like that for Bella.
    Shauna did an incredible job!!! I will for sure need to get one, I hope you had a wonderful birthday :)

  8. Rachel- I think the same of you :)

    Bebe Bird- thanks, that is reassuring, i was so nervous to make a video, but i just had to pull through that fear!

    Jamie- muah!

    Amy- i think i will!

    Shauna- you are so cute with your excitement!

    Katelyn- love you!

    Ana- Im glad to hear things are looking up, sorry about the hards times, it is reassuring to know that they pass eventually.

    Betsy- thank you! i hope bella appreciates it when she is older, im sure she will...

  9. Love it! My daughter has almost outgrown her apron dress...nooooo!!! I'll have to find a way to alter it so she can keep wearing it - we love these - SEW special and one-of-a-kind. Glad you are so happy with yours! -diane

  10. Wow that was so great! I would love to get a flip but I'm so terrified of being on camera that I doubt I'd use it for anything but filming my kid, and who wants to see that?!
    It's odd because I don't have any fears like heights or spiders or the usual things like that. Well anyway good job, I really enjoyed it!

  11. i LOVE the video! i'm way too self concious and shy to make one so i'm really impressed. the dress is lovely! must feel great to have a piece of clothing that is so full of sweet memories and history.

  12. 'O'
    This... is amazing!!!
    Its SO ... I can't find the words, but it amazes me how this dress has such a huge story behind it. It must feel great every minute you wear it, all these memories and feelings.. :)

    Are those grasshoppers or cicadas in the back? :D So loud, but SO good! I love this sound in summer, it makes me feel so free. :)
    Love this video. You should do more :)


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