To skate or not to skate...

Big time update... but for starters, we must talk about these skates. I have been wanting a pair of roller skates for a long time now. I want to have something fun to do while my husband skate boards, and I thought this would be perfect! Although I have not skated since I was a kid, I remember having fun... But you know me... I can have just regular boring skates, they must be vintage and they must be cute! I look regularly online and never find them in my size... until yesterday! So I made a pact with myself last night... if I sold something in my shop worth $50, I would buy these... well I did! But I still dont have the courage to spend $50 on skates! eeeekkk, I dont know what to do. I know they are worth it, Im just not use to spending money on things like this. We are trying to save our hard earned money to build a house one day... So I am at a road block, do I get the skates or not???????


In other news, for my Miss Match diptych project last week, I got to pair up with the lovely Andrea Despot, and our prompt was player. We first came up with this elaborate idea of a woman daydreaming about her man, who happened to be out cheating on her... but as the week passed by, I became worried I would not be able to fit James into a shoot, so last minute, we changed it all up into a 'musical instrument' theme for player. We went with a 70's retro vibe, and I just adore how they look together.

Right: me (Violet Bella)


And, I just got a new PPP dress, and Im in love with it! So fun and cute for spring! And of course, its perfect with my ratty old cons... If you do not own something from her shop, then go now! You should!!!!


Now for some newbies to my shop! Many of these are gone, but some are still hanging out in the shop just waiting for that special person :)

Some of my new tshirt dresses...

I was so excited to find this Yellow Rose of Texas shirt, being a texas girl myself!

And I had to get this shirt b/c of an inside joke with my husband and his buddies, but then I found out that it may have something to do with 'twilight' ???

One of my all time faves... so in love with the vintage fabric on this!

love love love how this dress came out...

new pillow case tops!

I think my favorite jumper of all time! Who doesnt love dinosaurs???

Crochet vests... um.... love!!!

the back of this one has a patch from a vintage baby quilt

pretty much the best vest ever!

new style pillow case dresses!

can also be worn as a long boho skirt...


And some new jewelry on the store front...

these are also going to be in red, green, blue, and pink...

I LOVE my new wooden musical instrument necklaces!!! still have more to add to the shop, and other wooden things like large fun scissors and eyeglasses and umbrellas!!!

I guess that is all for now...

Be back soon :)



  1. Get he roller skates - definately! Nothing like a great vintage pair of skates!

    Oh, and my daughter loves your clothes!

    xo Erin

  2. The skates are cool! If you think you will use them enough then I would get them. I totally understand how you are feeling about them though!

    You have been one busy lady! I want it all! Is that bad? Especially the banjo tshirt dress!! I am so glad that you were able to use the pillowcases I sent you. It made me smile to see all the amazing things you did with them. You always amaze me Laura with all your talent!

  3. goodness why i just love your outfits! you could never go wrong with a pair of chucks!!

  4. Buy the skates. You will LOVE them and take lots of adorable photos and have tons of fun! you need to have a summer hobby! :)

    and does it suck that your so frakin cute ALL the time?!? i'm so jealous! you are the cutest EVER!

  5. danielle, i think you just talked me into it!!!

  6. those skates are uber rockin, but I know what you mean about trying to save cash for the big things


  7. You are on etsy's front page today!

  8. I can't give you any words of wisdom, I know the feeling! BUT... those skates are totally cute.... and one of a kind, never again to be found! I don't know!
    I love all the things you've had in your shop recently, shirt dresses are SO cute and look really comfy, and I love the vests too! I love your styles, you are so talented!
    The diptych came out really cool, they go together really well.
    I've got my eye on that little pink banjo! SO CUTE!
    lots of love to you!

  9. The skates are awesome! They are worth it. I have been looking for a pair myself (size 7, anyone seen a pair?), even though I have always been a bit klutzy on skates. You won't regret it, when you put them on.


  10. Wow! I just found your blog now and I am seriously wondering where yo have been my whole life! LOL! You are so talented, I have really enjoyed reading your posts and your tattoos are RAWKIN!!!! You have been soooo book marked!

    PS: get the skates! Get the skates!

  11. your pieces are amazing :D


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!