Last photoshoot...

So, this past week I did my very last scheduled photo shoot. Not sure if any of you read my post on facebook, but I am going to stop doing any photoshoots for a while, and just focus on my art in photography. I never really set out to be a portrait photographer or a wedding photographer... But dont worry Shauna, I am a lifer with you!!! Always and forever!

Here is Adrienne, can you believe she only has 5 weeks left to be pregnant! We were lucky to still find a few wildflowers growing...

In other news, this week has just been torture... ha ha, not really, but this time of my little cycle I feel sooooo drained, and foggy, and I cant work, I cant do anything! ALL WEEK LONG! Im crazy moody and whiny (be happy you are not James this week :). I have not gotten anything accomplished and I feel like a big frump on a log! yep, thats how i feel!


anyway, this too shall pass....



  1. The photos are gorgeous, as always. I hope mother nature starts being nice to you soon!

  2. These are beautiful photos! As is the model :)

  3. awww. i love how you are a lifer with me!!! i feel so lucky! and gosh girl... neggie vibes coming from me too this week... i get so stressy around move time.. and I too have gotten nothing accomplished.
    oh well.... peaks and valleys right? were coming up next week... ! we will back to our chipper selfs next week ah?

    Love you,

  4. Best advice ever: this too shall pass

  5. Look at that beautiful pregnant belly! So gorgeous.


  6. I love the dreamy light in the last one!

    And girl, I feel for you! Ever since I lost my health insurance and stopped taking bc pills, mine has been that way too. Last week I flipped out on a doctor, a maintenance man, and a neighbor. I cried over my houseplants, I cried over my crappy iron, I cried over every single commercial on tv! Someone should just sedate me for the entire week!

  7. Laura, I think this must be a common thing these days, at least for bloggers. I've been reading so many blogs of other girls that fell more or less the same way... we must have some sort of collective consciousness hahaha but really, you should listen to yourself, this to shall pass. And plus, I guess you need to give yourself some rest from your regular routines sometimes and take a break from the things you usually do.
    Hope you feel much better soon girl.
    A big hug!

  8. Well, Im glad to hear im not the only one! I feel CRAZY!

    And I think I abnormally fell in love with movies I normally would hate, b/c they all made me cry so I felt an emotional connection! Even to Billy the Kid!!!


  9. I love your pictures! How do you do the sunspots..it's really cool!!
    I wish I lived near you and you could just teach me your photography awesomeness! :)

  10. Oh Laura, I share your hazy-crazy-mess of a week! I hope you start to feel like yourself soon, but until then, I would do exactly as you are doing, movie watching and lounging! And cookie eating :)
    These pictures are gorgeous and so is your model, what a lucky mama to have those to remember that time.

  11. these are stunning chica ... i love them! so so perfect.


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