James Scrabble Dance

Okay, so Im probably going to get in big trouble for posting this, but Im doing it anyway!!! For those of you who have been following my blog for some time, you know that James and I like to play scrabble, and that I WIN EVERYTIME!!!! Well last night, at like 1:00 o'clock, James got the scrabble bug... I set it all up and he ran to the bedroom, and came out in his 'scrabble' shirt (he got it on threadless.com)... it was the cutest thing, and he said it was going to bring him luck... well, i guess he was right! He won his first game of scrabble!!!

For the first time, I forgot to take a photo of the board when we were done, because we were overjoyed with excitement! He did a little 'I won' dance, and I thought it was so cute! Just so you know, the two of us together are the biggest dorks, and we dance and sing really stupid stuff, when its just the two of us.

Sorry, I can figure out how to make it go up and down, so you have to tilt your head to watch it :)

All I have to say now, is GAME IS ON!!!!!

Ps. Thank you so much to everyone who showed me so much love on my mothers day post, it meant the world to me!

And... Ill be at the Renegade fair in Austin this sunday, if you are going, let me know!!!



  1. ahahaha You two are too adorable! Just wait till I come! I may have to win (most likely lose terribly though) at a game or 5 of scrabble!

  2. LOL I foresee that you are going to be in big trouble! This was really funny, we want more videos!

  3. Oh my god that is the absolute cutest thing ever!!!! My boyfriend and I are exactly the same way...thank god he's never captured my horrifying dancing on film...

  4. hahahaha so funny... you guys are too cute!

  5. Haha! You two are so adorable! Congrats, James!!!

  6. Oh my God that video is so funny :D
    I love Violet, she was so happy :)
    And I have an award waiting for you in my blog Laura!!
    A big hug!!

  7. That was toooo cute!!!
    Good luck at the fair!

  8. Congrats James!!! There is hope for me now because I alwaysalways lose at scrabble when I play against The Girl. Of course it doesn't help she is extremely competitive and "screws" up the board making three letter words for 40 points. . .


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