Sneak Peeks of projects >>>

Yesterday I spent most of the day working on a super fun photoshoot for Softspoken.  Im extremely excited about partnering up with Rachael to work on a lookbook for her, and to have new images for her shop.  I love her work.  I think she is a fine craftsmen at what she does and has great styling to go along with it.  So when she contacted me about doing a shoot for her, I knew we would be a perfect match.  Here are just a few little sneak images of what I did.  There were 8 different styles in all, here are just 3 of them.  Im just as excited that it is actually coming on the time of year to start thinking about these kinds of accessories for fall!  

Another little sneak peek into some projects I have been working on.  Im so excited to bring these babies to the shop soon.  Hopefully by tomorrow Ill be able to list some.  (maybe even today)...  Ahhh, these babies are pieces of my soul!!! 

Todays agenda:
hair cuts
deep clean house
work on listings
make a green drink
edit photos
enjoy my boy being home


  1. Love it.. I'm lovin the 2nd picture. I finally found a macrame owl hanging for my house.
    I'm sure Rachael is going to love what you did.

    Your new items, even though we only see a bit of them, they look amazing.

  2. ahhhhhhh!!!!!!!!
    enough said.

  3. these photos are incredible!!! i llooooove them... the lighting and whole vibe is perfect!
    xox dana

  4. I am so excited to see the new things you are listing!!!.I have an antique 200 year old farm house and wish you could come decorate it for me!! your home looks so cozy!
    xoxo, Katy

  5. Gorgeous! I am loving the dreamcatcher. Did you make that?! It's beautiful. I love the pieces by Softspoken too. I love the arm warmers :)

  6. everything looks awesome so far! love the headband so much!

  7. that big dream catcher was my mothers. it hung in our mudroom most of my life. i love it!

  8. You're so adorable. I love the way you dress. xo, rv


  9. I love your photography style! This blog is so inspiring :)

  10. Love, love, LOVE! So gorgeous! x

  11. Love the huge owl on the wall. Amazing. Great photos as always.

  12. I think that giant crocheted owl is the most amazing thing I have ever seen. Ah!


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