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tell me what most inspired you by this lovely lady!

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  1. I am following Bekah's blog.
    I liked My Little Love's on facebook.
    I am following Bekah on twitter.

    I was inspired by this lovely ladies honesty and passion for living life with fervor and love. Her kids are blessed to have a mother like her. :)

    My E-mail: brielle.dunham@yahoo.com
    My Twitter: @Brielle_RaNae

  2. I'm a new follower of Bekah's blog!
    I like My Little Loves on Facebook.
    I now follow her on Twitter (allisonkmiller)
    I was very inspired by how honest she was in her last blog post to be able to confess something about herself. It takes a lot of courage to talk about something in your past that you're not proud of and I give her major props for that.


  3. So beautiful. And great interview. I hope I win. That necklace is so beautiful. xo, rv


  4. liked bekah's fb / ana amanti
    gfc follower of her blog under va

    tumblemumbo at gmail.com

  5. I am following Bekah's blog.
    I liked My Little Love's on facebook.
    I am following Bekah on twitter.

    What I loved most about this interview is how she talked about embracing both the roles as a mother and an individual. I feel like too many people force themselves to choose between things instead of incorporating them into who they are.

  6. Hi there! Thanks to Violet Bella blog and My Little Loves blog for this fabulous chance at the give-away!

    1 - I am following Bekah's blog.

    2 - I have liked MLL via FaceBook. (Lauren Elizabeth Douglas.)

    3 - I am following her via Twitter. (@091590)

    4 - What most inspired me was #2 in the interview... I felt the same way with my son.

    Thank you both, again for this chance. :)

  7. i actually found your blog through bekah's! i'm your newest follower and have also been following my little loves for some time now.

  8. i follow my little loves on facebook

  9. *gasp* omg if bekah just isn't the cutest thing i've ever seen! thank you for this interview, laura...how precious.

    lovely to "meet" you bekah...sending love and warmth to you and your precious family. you are adorable.

  10. i follow her blog and twitter :]

  11. I follow bekah's blog and twitter too! :) love this gal.


  12. I just love this girl! I follow her blog & twitter.
    Love to both of you!

    Shebreathesdeeply at gmail dot com

  13. i love this necklace!!! im a follower on her blog. shes really cool!!!

  14. i follow bekah's blog and love it! love that necklace too!

  15. What a beautiful necklace, and a beautiful approach to life! So inspiring and organic. I love it.

    Also I'm following Bekah on Twitter (@miss_kms) and Facebook (Katherine Mackenzie-Smith) and Google Friends Connect (k.macksmith@gmail.com).

    Lovely giveaway, ladies!

  16. I really love when she talked about how she hit a rough patch - I know EXACTLY what she's talking about. Just wanting to get away, that's how I feel right now.

    What a beautiful necklace!

  17. That is a gorgeous necklace! I liked on fb and followed her blog.

  18. I liked her on FB. Love the necklace--so pretty!

  19. What I find inspiring is that she is living a natural & organic lifestyle all while still trying to be frugal (which can definately be difficult!).

  20. Hi! I'm now following Bekah on Twitter & her blog (can't believe I've not come across it before!) & I have liked her page on FB.

    Thanks for the chance to win such a lovely piece :)

  21. Now following Bekah's blog (and going through many of her posts) !

  22. Liking My Little Loves on Facebook too! :]

  23. Let's see.. Today I was most inspired by the song Friday I'm in Love! Listening to a wonderful song at the beginning of your day is always great. And I often find myself daydreaming about my own music videos in the passenger seat about the things I see pass me, to the beat of the song. -rambling-

  24. I remember reading Bekah's blog at some point in the recent past, and am unsure why I wasn't already a follower...

    But now I am following My Little Loves!!

  25. And I'm now following on Twitter!

    LOVE that necklace...that guinea feather would go perfectly with my recent guinea feather tattoo!! ;)

  26. I am following on Bloglovin, I have liked on facebook, and I follow on twitter!

    Her honesty was what I loved most, (coming from a curious soul without children) a lot of women make motherhood seem so effortless...to be a mother but also an individual.

    Thanks for the giveaway!!


  27. Am following Bekah's blog. Sometimes I feel like it's all I can do to keep my cat fed, so I am seriously inspired by her care as a young mother.

  28. What inspires me the most is how young and in touch with her health, family, body, and the world she is!

  29. I follow her on facebook!...loving her!


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