The Laura Bracelet >>>

Today was awesome... why you ask??? Because I found out a bracelet by an amazing designer was named after me! Thats right!  A few weeks ago I created a pair of earrings that just reminded me of my adorable online companion Moorea Seal, so I named them after her.  And she so kindly returned the favor and included this idea in her new bracelet collection, which is totally rad and I want every single one of them!  I completely did not expect it.  And she nailed it, out of all of them, that one is the most me.  Pretty cool eh?  This is one thing I love about this blogging and art community.  Being inspired by one another in the right way.  Not the... copycat way (which by the way is still happening and even has leaked into my new shop... something Im realizing is never really going to stop)... But, I love when an artist can be inspired by someone in a way that translates into their own art.  It's amazing.  Moorea has done this brilliantly.  I cant wait to get my hands on this bracelet.  The Kelly Ann is next on my list.  Then the Lauren.  Then the.....

Visit Moorea's blog post to see more details about these bracelets, they are each completely customizable!  Awesome!!!  And you get a discount for buying multiples.  Check them out in her shop here


  1. As a graphic designer and artist, I love your heart, but respectfully disagree. The idea of being an artist is that you posses skills and talents that others don't.

    If someone can REALLY reproduce your art, they deserve your respect as a fellow artist. If they are just CLAIMING to be able to, you should have the confidence in yourself to know that they can't.

    If you have come up with a clever solution, why get up in arms that people want to do it themselves? Make YOUR clever solution the BEST, price it well, and you will have more than enough business.

  2. those are great, and they have your name! I LOVE YOUR BLOG! Happy I found you, you are incredibly creative, beautiful, and just OH!

  3. I am excited to see what you have in mind for your "Kelly Ann" ...that is my middle daughters' name. Kelly Ann! I love it♥

  4. Love the bracelet! I hate to be that person, but I cant help but notice that you buy a lot of your clothes from your outfit posts from forever 21..They are copycats. I have seen them even copying etsy artists. I refuse to buy from them because to me it is supporting copying.

  5. You must be thrilled! they are just gorgeous i was checking them out in her shop yesterday.
    Mooreas work = swoon for sure.

    Zoe x

  6. That's so amazing that you had a bracelet named after you. You deserve it!

  7. hey that's my name too! Love it. What a sweet gesture...

  8. Love the bracelets. Super cute!!!! :) xo amy


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