Starting Over

It's funny, for all of the hours I have put into my business, it always seems like I am starting over. I am always learning new things as I go, especially how i should have been doing something, so I have to start again and retrain myself. I am trying to learn marketing. Not my thing, but I like parts of it. Like working in photoshop to design things, like my header hear on blogger! I like that!

I am currently learning to price my work appropriately. Im not sure what to do, I have found out that I am charging much less for many of my jewelry pieces than I should, but I am afraid that if I raise my prices too high I will not make sales. Which sales have already been slim lately compared to usual, I guess everyone is still holding onto their money! What people dont realize is all that goes on behind the scenes. It's not just the making of the jewelry, but the materials, the time, the expenses of setting up a show and the hours spent setting it up, there is so much. and so much more. I will continue to figure it all out though.

I have been working on photos of my best friends maturnity shoot we did a few weeks ago. Here are some of my favorites so far...


I want to buy her everything for her new baby! I wish I had more money right now...

Shelley is one of the strongest women I know, she is equally beautiful, especially pregnant! A special special girl in my life, although we dont see each other often enough. I love her to death!

laura a.k.a. little miss violet

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