So I just picked up the new issue of Somerset's 'Artful Blogging'. I had no idea they even made this catalog, but it was ever so inspiring. Somerset Studios is an AMAZING company and they now make about 20 or more different catalog off-shoots from their original. If you ever get the chance, I highly recommend. The only thing is they are $15 each for a magazine! I usually just sit at Hastings for as long as James will let me and scour the beautiful pages in awe and then try to catalog what I see somewhere in my brain. It usually slips out by the time we walk out the door and head back into the world of cars and trash, but the feeling doesnt leave. That is one of my favorite things to do, just sit in a book store and explore...

James and I went to the Japanese Tea Gardens the day before yesterday. We were both a bit disappointed. I think we should have gone to the botanical gardens instead. i tried taking pictures of flowers, which is not my thing, so we shall see. I am realizing I need more images without people in them, although that is what I love about photography, the human element, that is what inspires me.

james on the bridge
look at that background!
james cute shoes
james is a good photographer!

...that was a part of our day...

{i am so excited about my blog up and running again, i just might do it again later today!}

p.s. i noticed the quality of these images are awful, next time i will upload them better!

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