Dread Heads

So yesterday I went to my friends house for his birthday. Well, it was two days after his birthday...and I missed the voicemail saying they were all sick, so i showed up anyway. It was a nice relaxing time. My girl Renea was not feeling well at all, which I felt bad about, but she stuck it out regardless :)

They bar b qued. Jen made amazing guacamole. I got to pet Pearl and Mirabel, the kittens we found at the gas station during a skateboarding session break.

My favorite part of the night was when his two little sisters took me to their room and gave me a Michael Jackson Tribute showing. It was awesome, they sang and danced, and knew all the words and ridiculous dance moves, it made me laugh sooo hard, which I havent done in a long time. It was just the medicine I needed. They reminded me to not take life so seriously, which I have been doing wayyyy to much of! All I wanted to do was go home and dance to Michael Jackson! So now when I start getting into one of my random crazy adult serious bogged downed disillusioned fits, I will try to think of Rose and Carin. I wish I had photos!

But here are a few shots from the night.

My friend Jonathan has an awesome ranting blog here:


  1. it was sooo good to have you out laura. you were good medicine as well. *mwah* :D -renea.

  2. Yes! It was a good time I'm glad you stopped by, fate decided that you should seeing as the txt came in late.

    Those pictures are awesome and I'm glad you got to hang for a bit and munch some fajitas! I forgot to send your slice of cake for you and james! if you're out this way seriously stop by so you can atleast grab that if its too rainy to tool around in the jeep.


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