Rewind. Then press Play.

So much for daily ramblings, its been a few...

I have been working hard on making more jewelry stock. Check out my etsy for my newest creations!

I am changing the look and feel of my store. All New photos! whew, its going to take a while, but hopefully draw some attention!

{anyone who reads this blog and makes a purchase in my etsy store will receive a FREE gift if you mention this!}

{i think i might possible have the prettiest kitty ever}

{and the prettiest best friend}

...so Shelley, above, is about to have her little boy any day now. XAVIER.
maybe he will grow up to be the next mandolin player for Fred Eaglesmith...
I am going to be in the delivery room with her during the birth, and I think I am more nervous than she is! I am very excited though. I wonder when James and I will have a child. All of my girlfriends are pregnant right now, it would be so cool to raise our kids together. But...and I say BUT...it would be so hard while im trying to get my business going. I think. I guess I wouldnt know until it happened.


Two weddings coming up! And both good friends.
Nikki Hall
Abby Boyd

I hope the best for both of them. They are both going to make beautiful brides.

...and now I will leave you will a smile from me and my silly husband...



  1. Hey girl...
    I love all the new stuff.
    Oh, and yeah for Shelley!!!

    On the baby, thing- sweetie you are never really "ready" and there is never a "good" time..you just take the chance and you run with it...I hope you become a mom soon- you have so much to offer.

    I love to come look at the blog...love it!

  2. wow....your jewelry is gorgeous! Next time I have extra bucks in the bank...I know where I'm spending them!

  3. You know how much I love your shop! You have just won an award! Come by my blog to see :D


Thank you so much for your sweet comments!