A moment to reflect.

My mother passed away on Jan. 25th. Already almost a month. That's so crazy. I miss her so much. I still cant believe that I have to live the rest of my life without her in it. At least not physically. I dont even like to think about it, but that is reality.

I keep wanting to call her. So many things in life are changing, its crazy. We have decided to not keep the jewelry business. So I have been fretting about what I going to do for a job for the past few weeks. But i finally decided to get a job at the Grotto waiting tables. Something I never thought I would do. Not because I feel above that, more so I thought I wouldnt be cut out to do something like that. But Ive worked two shifts now, so I know I can do it. It is alot of work, not only do we wait on customers, we clean, buss tables, wash dishes, prep the food, ring the customer up, open and close the restaurant, etc, etc, etc...Not like a normal heavily staffed restaurant where there are people to do all the extra stuff. So, if any wants to come eat at the Grotto thursday, friday, or saturday night, i can be your waitress! (you just better tip really good!)

My mom always told me that everyone should be a waitress at least once in there life, so I feel like I am fulfilling something by doing this. I know she would be proud of me right now. She would probably want to take my place. She always said she wanted to quit the business and go wait tables again, at 52 years old! She is crazy. She wanted to do so many things in this life. She wanted to be everywhere and see everyone. She just loved life, and all that it had to offer. She never complained about things. She always just did what she had to do, no matter how tired she was.

Even in the end, when she was so sick. She cared more about all of us, the family, than her own pain, which was tremendous I know. She still smiled, and did everything she could to be a part of anything that was going on. She was just so freakin caring. I am so lucky to have had her as my mother. If everyone in the world had someone like her in their life the world would definately be a better place.

I have to stop and write later, its too much at the moment.

I love all of you, my dearest friends.



  1. hey sweetie...hope my little waitress friend is doing ok. i miss you too. i am here for you anytime you need me. i know that there are just some days or even just minutes that overwhelm you as you learn to deal with losing your mom. if in any of those moments you need a friend, i am only 30 minutes away and i am happy to come and see you. i love you so much and i know so many other people love you to pieces too. we will talk soon, i am sure.

  2. This must have been so hard for you! I am so sorry! Your art is beautiful!


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