My First Blog...

I decided to create a new blog for the new year. I don't always like to write blogs on my myspace, and my DeviantArt blog won't get looked at by my friends...so I have created this blogspot for everyone. I will just post links to it on my other websites. It will be for my photography updates, as well as my personal life. You get the best of both worlds! Anyone can comment, you dont have to have an account, i dont think! Not like myspace or DA!

Sorry to say, but my first blog is going to be a bit of a downer. But this is my life, so if you care to know, read on...

This has probably been the worst Christmas so far. Here is a little list of why:

1. I just found out yesterday that my mom's cancer has come back. She had breast cancer last year, and she had a double mastectomy. They said there was only a 3% chance of it coming back. Well, it apparently metastasized and is now in her hip and eye bones. She starts radiation again on wednesday. She has been sick for so long, and in so much pain, we were just hoping for it to all be over soon. But now we get to start all over again. Honestly, im so scared. She is strong person though. She has shown me so much strength through all of this. I just hope I can keep it all together for her. My mother is my best friend and I cant imagine life without her right now.

2. My best friend's little girl wont stop having seizures. I went to the ER with her and stayed the night a few days ago. I love that little girl so much and it hurts to see her hurting. I just pray they will figure it all out soon so she can feel like herself again.

3. My husband hurt his leg skateboarding. He is in a cast like thing. He is able to go back to work now, which is great. But he cant do alot of things he normally could. But it will heal, and he will be better in a few months.

4. My nanna is sad right now. She misses my Pap. She gets sad this time of year every year. Their anniversary, xmas, and her birthday are all in a row. I hate it when she is sad.

5. I am feeling sick, and it sucks.

But...there are many things I am grateful for as well:

1. I have a wonderful life, with a loving family, a super awesome husband, the best friends a girl could ask for, the two most adorable furry creatures that ever existed, and much much more!

2. My photography is slowly getting better. There is so much more I want to do with it, its crazy. But I never have the time. And probably wont for a long time. Go here to see some:

3. I have started working on my own {photo} jewelry line, you can view and buy it here:

my beautiful mother

I will update later with more photography and less sad stuff!

Much love,


  1. Congrats on your new blog, but in the same breath, I'm sorry you've had such a bad Christmas. So many stressful, depressing situations; and this time of year is the most sensitive to emotions, both good and bad.

    My prayers are with you, your family, and your friends. Remember the AA prayer (although neither of us have been in AA, it's still a good release) and do something good for someone else each day. It will help you survive your own hardships with aplomb.

    Call if you need a cookie or soup delivery. :-)

  2. i love you. i am sad with you, and will do whatever i can to be strong with and for you through all of these rough things.
    you are a really strong person, but you will definitely have to rely on the strenth and support of others right now to make it through in one piece, and that is what we are all here for...don't forget!
    hugs and more hugs to you.


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