My new home is LIVE!

I couldn't wait.  I worked all day on it, and it was ready, so I thought, why not?

I will no longer be blogging here on blogger, please visit my new website to find the new blog!  So much love to everyone who has shared with me in this space, I hope you follow along with me to my new journey.

I will be transferring my BLOGLOVIN followers to the new space here:

If you have been following this blog through Google Friend Connect, you will no longer see my updates.  Please go to the new blog and follow via bloglovin, feedburner or networked bloggers.  Thanks!

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I'm starting to get very excited about the new home of Roots and Feathers that is coming soon.  Ive been working on the website for hours and hours these past two weeks, and its finally coming together.  Its going to be so much fun to have more of a website then just a blog.  I may (I hate to say I will in case it doesn't happen yet), but I may be launching it by monday!  Or sooner or later.  But either way, soon!  I wanted to give you a heads up in case you happen to land here and it either be temporarily disabled, or something else while Im working on the switch over.  I might not have to though...

As soon as its about to go live, Ill announce it over here and send you a link!  It will be a bit sad to leave this space behind, Ive loved it for so long... but Im excited to take the next step and change things up a bit.  Change is always good.  And honestly, the vibe over there is so me, and so much like this, that you will feel right at home instantly, I promise.

I will also be switching over my sponsor ads.  All of my current sizes will no longer be.  I have sent all of my current sponsors email about the switch over, but Im still waiting on just a few to send me their new size ads, so please do so soon!  Also, if you would like to have your ad up on the blog for the new launch, email me asap.  I will now have 3 Feature spots, instead of just one, and these will be the only spots available for giveaways now... And Im going to have a separate blog just for the giveaways, to they wont get buried in old posts anymore!  And the medium and small spots are going to be much larger now!  my email, violet_bella (at) hotmail (dot) com.  <----please put sponsor spot in the subject line.

Speaking of giveaways, the winner of the Blurb Photo Planner Giveaway is... HILLERY SAWYER!  Please email me soon so I can get you your code to make your planner in time!  Thank you!

Be back soon,



This quite possibly might be my favorite outfit to date.  I'm unbelievably in love with this Wildfox moon and star bodysuit.  Yep, its a bodysuit, you know, like a gymnastics outfit.  And let me tell you, wearing it around the house by itself, kind of makes me want to do ballet, or just dance.  I love it.  And I can think of a million ways to layer this baby.  I don't think Ive ever had a top that perfectly showed off my back tattoo either.  It's like it was made for it!  Pairing it with this stretchy cotton skirt, this was an absolutely comfortable outfit too.  All stretch cotton.  Oh yeah.  I can't get over how beautiful The Gypsies Caravan feather piece looks with this outfit.  It was made to wrap around an arm or a leg, but its just long enough to wear as a belt too.  I love how so many of her pieces are multi use like that.  (Her shop is on vaca right now while she is a travelin')

I didn't realize when we took these photos that the post would go up on Valentine's Day, but oh how appropriate.  James and I personally don't do Vday.  Personal choice, its just another day to us.  But we are excited to spend the evening with two of our friends, and go on another nature hike together.  I'm all for celebrating and being in nature, especially with peeps we love, anytime!  Im excited.  But for those of you who do celebrate, I wish you all the happiness today on your dates, or whatever you are doing.  And if you don't have one, make one with yourself.  (those are some of my favorite dates, a good book, bottle of wine, and a dance with yourself, heck yeah).  

These photos were taken a few days ago, and we both really needed haircuts.  We just got some yesterday and it feels so good and fresh!  Now I can actually wear my bangs normal again.  They were to the bottom of my eyes ;)  And if you follow me on Instagram (lauramazurek) then you saw some pics after we got our cuts, of a cat sitting on top of a donkey!  Another reason I love living in the hillcountry.

{outfit details:  bodysuit c/o the trend boutique // skirt - f21 // boots c/o lulu's.com // feather band - the gypsies caravan // rings - gifted & f21 // james sweater - zenthreads}




This workshop launches on the New Moon in March 11th, since Spring is the season of growth and expansion and love, of course !

My workshop is unique that it draws not only the wisdom of the Love Goddess, but also the wisdom of the Moon; the symbol of Goddess and feminine essence. The workshop is 4 weeks long, following the Lunar rhythms from New Moon, Waxing, Full Moon, and Waning.

For four weeks you will receive:

~3-4 emails in your inbox per week focusing on each of the Lunar phases and how to work with the Goddess through each phase
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~Lunar wisdom
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~rituals to manifest love
~journaling prompts
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We have all heard of Aphrodite. She is the famous love Goddess from the Greek pantheon known for her passionate love affairs, beauty, and attraction. Her Roman counterpart is Venus. And please note, I will use both her names interchangeably throughout this course, but feel free to stick with one that resonates with you more. In all honesty, for a long time, I did not like her. Something about her ‘rubbed’ me the wrong way and I could not figure it out! When I finally found the source of my agitation I gained a new perspective of Venus and myself:
I was annoyed with the fact that she embodies her sensuality and sexuality with no shame or guilt; she accepts her body and whole being apologizing to no one.
I saw everything I wanted that I thought I couldn't obtain in myself.  It made me wonder where my love –goddess within me dwells and where she is hiding out. And so my relationship with Aphrodite began. Like any relationship, it has its ups and downs, but I am now experiencing healing in ways I may not have found otherwise. I can now say I love Aphrodite unconditionally, and in turn, love myself more too.

In this course, I share with you the rituals, exercises, and meditations I personally use to connect with Venus and my inner-love Goddess.
My name is Marissa and I blog over at Moondaughter. The heart of my wisdom comes from my love for the Moon and my experience working with Her energies. The Moon is linked closely to our hormones, energy levels, emotions, and our spirit. It affects all the water of the world, so how could She not affect us? The Moon also symbolizes feminine essence and Goddess energy of the universe. Following the Moon I have found working with Goddess energy helps connect me more to my inner sage woman. I wish to help  women reconnect with theirs as well.  
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Also today, I will be sharing a little love alter I made over at Moondaughter's blog!  So check back on her blog to see some pretty pictures of my space.




Lately, my studio have been a wreck!  Fitting all of my work into one bedroom is a challenge.  And I begin to feel claustrophobic in my creative space when it gets this way.  So, I decided to take back over the second spare room in our house.  At least a corner of it.  I moved all of my fabrics and supplies for making my dreamcatchers and gypsy flags in there.  So now I have a textile space and a jewelry space.  It feels so good.  Bella helped me rearrange, of course...
This is our new view.  Since I work on the floor.  Bella likes to get up in the window seal while I work.  I can now open the window and hear the birds or the wind in the trees.  Its perfect.  And in the evenings, the sun sets on this side, so I get to see the light spilling through the cracks in the trees and leaves.  Its magic.

I also added a tiny sacred space in the room.  The word art was a gift from a dear friend, and its from Messy Canvas.  The words she chose for me were absolutely perfect.  I feel so blessed to have such friends in my life.



I wore this outfit last week when James and I had our spontaneous little outing in Boerne, to walk around the shops and thrift stores.  Most of the stores there are a bit... how do you say... stuck up.  The kind of place you walk into and they don't acknowledge you unless you look a certain way, you know.  We laugh everytime we leave one of the stores there b/c they neverrrr say hi to us, but will to other people.  It's kind of funny.  But it's still fun just to go walk around there since our town doesn't have anything like that.  But there was a few antique shops there, and some of them had people who said hello, ha ha!  Out of all of them, I walked away with a precious piece of vintage trim for 50 cents.  Score! 

Sooooo... this was a very happy day!  I have been hoarding these jeans that were gifted to me by a lady who wore them in the 60's, and they haven't fit me for a few years.  I tried them on just for fun and they fit!  And yes, I had to do the Dazed and Confused seen where she lays on the bed to zip them up, ha!  You can't tell from these photo actually how awesome these jeans are.  The top and belt loose the vision of how high waisted they are.  Just know, they are rad!  And it was worth it to keep them in my closet for the past 12 or so years!

It was really awesome.  When I was about 20 (I can't remember how old I was exactly) I went with my mom to France to do a jewelry show.  On the way there, we stayed with a lady who was going with us named Betsy, in Charlotte, NC.  She was one of the coolest most eccentric ladies Ive ever met in my life.  Her home was like a museum montage of everything she loved.  There was not a 5" area that did not have something.  Even her kitchen, she didnt use it so she just decorated it.  It was insane!  It was a two story huge victorian home, filled with cats and odds and ends, all antique and quirky.  Anyway, while we were there she learned of my love for the 70's era and she let me go through her entire attic where she had stored all of the clothes she wore back then, and pick out whatever I wanted!  I was freakin in heaven!!!!!!  Ill never forget it and Ill never forget her.  

This adorable birdie purse was also gifted to me.  When we lived in our rent house, we lived next to the sweetest old lady.  She loved that I loved old things and we became friends.  One day she asked me into her house and wanted me to take any of her old purses I liked.  She said no one in her family would appreciate them the way I do.  I still have them all.  Very cool unique ones.  Ill try to photograph more here to show, they are amazing.  One has a handstitched grasshopper!  I miss her.  James and I went to go visit her last week.  She sent me home with a book of Soduko to do and bring back to her, oh my!  She was a math teacher back in the day, and I hate math. Ha ha.

The beautiful necklace is from SoulMakes.  Love love love.  They are having a Valentine's Sale right now!  Get 20% off everything through Feb 14th with the code 'XOXO'.  The amazing long bone and feather earrings are from Sea Of Wild.  Is that not just the most amazing shop name?  Mmmm...  And I couldn't decide which Flourish Leather bracelets to wear, so I wore them all!  They are now making awesome wallets too!  The boots are from BCFootwear.  Love these babies.  Probably the most well made shoes I have.  And they match just about everything in my closet.  And you can see below that by the time we left the house, my favorite hat went back on.  Ridiculously in love.  From Lulu's.com.  James loves it too.  He even kissed it...

It was a fun day.  I loved spending time with James.  One of my favorite things to do with him.  I so wish he would let me take outfit photos of him!  How fun would that be?  He has the greatest tshirts (and looks amazing in all of them).  But I kind of doubt that will ever happen...

I just had my yoga session, have copious amounts of coffee in me, and Im ready to start my workday.  Time to work double time!  Muah!




These are the beautiful things I found along the way during our nature walk the other day.  They were so pretty I had to lay them out and photograph them.  Now I can look back on these photos and always remember the spirit of that day.  I am taking in the Opossum and Pigeon medicine given to me.  Both strong feminine energies.  I'm looking forward to spending more time down there this summer.  I'd love to carve out times to just go and sit, maybe write or sketch.  Just be.

I'm grateful for these little reminders along the way.  Last week I had two more significant gifts from nature, a carnelian rock found at my parents house, and a bumblebee James found outside our house.  I'm listening and paying attention.  And I'm grateful for these gifts showing up when needed.

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